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Healing Truth Sanctuary Testimonials

Through the Healing Truth Sanctuary, workshops and e-courses, Stephanie Gagos provides a message of hope and healing to fellow abuse survivors. She speaks from the voice of knowledge, the voice of experience, and from her heart. This is a combination that cannot be beat.

As a survivor she knows what she is talking about. She has great empathy and speaks so that my heart, mind and spirit can drink it in and learn from it. She has the ability and knowledge to tell it like it is; to say what it is I need to hear. She is a great teacher and leader, she is also a fellow trauma survivor and a companion on the healing journey. As a survivor of abuse who is on my own healing journey, I highly recommend her and what she offers.

The ladies of the HTS are my tribe, my family of choice, the family I never had growing up. They understand what I am feeling even when I cannot. The love and support is fantastic and healing. It is a place where I can go to be heard and accepted. And I am very grateful.”


Jane Hamilton 

HTS is a place where your heart, mind, & soul can be submerge into it without feeling judged. It is a place where your thoughts are respected and valued close to heart. HTS is a sanctuary that comforts the soul through the constant support that each person gets from one another, therefore you are not alone in your journey, as there are many share similar journeys to yours. ~Elizabeth

“a beautiful eclectic space that will embrace and applaud your unique wisdom and your unique self. and of course will support you when in need.” Jacqueline


I am so glad I was introduced to The Healing Truth Sanctuary. It’s a place to go when I don’t feel like being up, on, or perky. When my inner child begins to rage or gets sad and can’t stop crying I can bring her to the Sanctuary and let her speak her mind. Here I find that my problems and feelings are shared by many. Here is where I get encouragement and find friendship. I also get to see what my fellow abuse survivors are going through and am able to offer help and support. Giving support is as healing for me as getting support. The Truth part is very important for me. All our lives we are taught to hide our truths. I don’t have to do that here. I also love the art sharing part of it. Thank you Stephanie.  Virginia


The community of women in the Healing Truth Sanctuary is one of the most supportive and nurturing online groups I have ever experienced.  I love how deeply we connect we each other.  I love that we have this space for us, where we can speak whatever we need to speak and know we will be heard, where we can hold space for each other as we work through our most difficult emotions, and where we can cheer each other on through our struggles and our triumphs.

Ashley Rae www.authorashleyrae.weebly.com

My greatest feeling about the Sanctuary is … just I have a safe place to go, no matter…. day or night and meet other woman I can talk with. never thought such a place could exist. That is helping me a lot.  My greatest lesson here is the freedom of NO PRESSURE. This way I’m learning to say things I was never able to…. and I get sweet reactions with encouragement. Also I can do for others, I read their stories and give mine honest comments.  My greatest respect is for all the sisters in this place. I honor all the impact strength, the honesty and courage…. and the willingness of everyone, to listen to each other and help where it is necessary in the best way possible. 

Last but not least,  Stephanie who made this place possible, is the best captain ever … She’s a great artist the way it really matter for this fragile issues. We all are learning from each other and also from the captain herself.  This helps a lot. The very last point: We all are giving help and support, AND  here we are learning to ask help for … ourselves, the most difficult issue ever. Vicky


The Sanctuary is exactly that – a place of safety and refuge.

It has given me a place to go where I know I will be understood without doubt. I never feel like a burden, no matter what I have to share. It is truly a place to be MYSELF.

The sanctuary is a haven where survivors are so different, but one at the same time. When those around me, cannot give me what I need, or cannot tolerate the ambiguity of trauma and the inability to “fix” it – the women of the sanctuary hold space for me to be whoever I am at the time.

We share hopes, dreams, pain, tears and I’m learning the value of artistic expression.

Stephanie has made a place for safety, for healing, for fellowship. It has been extremely helpful to get support and validation. Gerry


Stephanie wears many hats: coach, survivor, artist, friend.. ANGEL. She has created a unique sanctuary space to hold our hearts, to teach us not to feel shame, to share our truth and to process our pain in a variety of creative & therapeutic ways. You will quickly come to realize.. you have found YOUR healing sanctuary!

I have never felt this level of complete validation and love, from her and from all of the other women, my sisters, whether I am feeling broken or whole. Honestly, just knowing the sanctuary is there, waiting for me to share whatever has been heavy on my heart and NOT BEING JUDGED, is worth more to me than gold! And knowing that, no matter how different our paths, we have a place to listen and extend love to someone else that shares our pain, has been nothing short of life-changing for me. My heart overflows with love, compassion and respect for the strength and bravery that has brought you here today.





Truth Project I Participants, All testimonials can be found




Healing the Mother Wound Testimonials

Participating in Healing the Mother Wound has profoundly changed my life. It has been hard and painful work but is so worth it in terms of the growth and healing that have come to me. I have gone from feeling a victim of child abuse to being a stronger, empowered survivor with choices. I can see the gifts of my past that until now had remained hidden. It has helped me come to terms with my past, accept it and then grow beyond it. This has truly been a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend it.
Jane Hamilton


I have watched my wife as she has taken this course and observed a much more positive person emerge from the process. It has been wonderful to see and my wife and I are all the better for it. Thank you Stephanie for doing this kind of work.
Skip Hamilton

I am grateful for having the opportunity to have take the “Healing the Mother Wound” course. I know in my heart it was a blessing given to me. I went into it with a bit of fear, as I did not know what to expect. I find that talking about my “mother” is difficult for every aspect of my being. Not everyone knows my story, and those that do it is because they are close to my heart. When I first learned that someone had given a scholarship for the “Healing the Mother Wound” course and that there would be a giveaway and that we were to apply, I must say that I applied with heart in hand. I had no idea I would win, but when I did I truly was excited!
This amazing course took me to my inner self and discovered many things I thought were non existent such as frustration, anguish, sadness, bitterness, and anxiety. I got to work them out with the topics that were given. These topics were not only for writing but also for creating art. I believe that writing & art go together for a course like this.
I am grateful for the person that gave this scholarship as a gift and I will always treasure their love for healing in my heart even though I do not know their name. Thank you anonymous angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you Stephanie Gagos for being an AMAZING teacher with heart in hand. I am grateful for your teaching and dedication. Thank you for all your attentive measures of being there for me & everyone in the course. These things are NEVER forgotten. You are an angel and to top it of from where I am, Puerto Rico, makes it even more assertive that we are sisters at heart, mind, & soul. You touch peoples hearten with your simplicity and courage to take on a delicate subject and one to which you also have battle with.
Feeling grateful, happy, & honored to haven been part of such an amazing course. “Healing the Mother Wound” has proven to be one course to not miss out on. 
Elizabeth Aviles


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