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Healing Through Imagery and Ritual is a 7 week online art healing course, focusing on the use of images, symbols and ritual to heal childhood pain. We will discover the images/symbols that speak to us, using them in our art to not only tell the story, but re-tell the story. We will discover our own personal healing images which we can draw upon throughout the often difficult path to healing. We will learn about and use simple rituals as a way to recover, release and reclaim parts of us that were lost in childhood.
Trees, for example, symbolize grounding, strength, being rooted, image which can help us heal a childhood full of chaos and disruption. Images in nature tend to be very powerful, images of our own bodies (hands, heart, eyes), shapes such as spirals, a winding path can be integrated and called upon when needed as internal resources, helping us to create an inner sanctuary with resources we can call upon when we feel unsafe in the world.
Rituals, especially if used consistently give us a sense of stability and peace. Rituals allow us to re-engage with ourselves and remind ourselves of what is important. In the healing process, rituals allow us to call upon what we hold sacred as we practice letting go of the distortions we’ve carried from childhood and reclaim the truth of who we are. We will practice basic rituals that help us release pieces of our pain and reclaim our sense of connection with ourselves and the Sacred.
Imagery allows us to make sense, and name the truth of our childhoods. Using the imagery that arises as we excavate the past and find our own healing images..empowers us to transform the story. We each are attracted to certain images and symbols that represent an aspect of healing we long for, an aspect of ourselves we long to embody.

During the course we will:

Use story telling and imagery to revisit our childhood stories
Become aware of the imagery in our stories and on our healing journey
Discover our very own unique healing images and learn how to use them
Develop an inner sanctuary with important imagery to come to whenever we need to feel safe and gain clarity
Learn how to use our imagery and our inner sanctuary when we are triggered, overwhelmed, scared, sad, angry
Create our personal healing rituals (we will be exploring rituals throughout specifically rituals related to releasing and reclaiming.
Create a healing painting that embodies our healing images
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Course Outline by Week


Week One: Noticing and Becoming Aware of Images

Week Two: Exploring Images in a Childhood Memory

Week Three: Using Images as Metaphors for Our Childhoods

Week Four: The Healing Journey: Part two of the “story”

Week Five: Using Our Healing Images

Week Six: Healing Images and the Inner Sanctuary

Week Seven: Creating Your Healing Painting: A Celebration


Included in this course:

a weekly coaching/art video in which I demonstrate my both my art process and internal healing process with images and ritual

a weekly Healing PDF with all the content for that week (lesson for the week, writing and art prompts)

2 meditations to help you access images that symbolize healing for you

you will receive all video links via email and have access to the sanctuary and HTS private Facebook group should you need support





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What if we could find our very own healing images, the ones that speak to us, to soothe us when we are afraid, to shift our focus from the story to who we are beyond the story, to even retell the story and bring in images that can help us transform the story. Isn’t that what we are looking to do? To not be chained by our pasts, to not continue to repeat the same patterns, to not turn into own abusers or remain victims and yet somehow honor the story of where we’ve been.

When I think of my story, I imagine my little girl self in a cave or big hole in the ground trying to make her way out, grasping, reaching toward the light. It is often how I have felt in my adult life, it is a truth I have carried. By using images that mean something to me I have found ways to step out of that cave, I have found resources inside of me that change how I see myself.

What is so powerful about imagery and visualization is that your brain does not know the difference between you imagining it, vs. you actually experiencing it. Your body can have the same effects as if you were actually being lifted out of your own cave by a winged bird (this is one of many of my healing images). You can actually feel as if you are flying, you can actually feel yourself rooted to the ground just by using the image of a tree and its roots. I’m going to show you how to do this lovely one and we are going journal our little hearts out, make lists, print images and keep them to use in our art or just to paste in our journals and we are going to paint, get messy, and paint pages born out of love and a commitment to heal.

This is not a religious course, it embraces all faiths. Rituals are used as way of honoring, releasing and reclaiming not as religious acts.

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You will need:

basic computer skills

a high speed internet connection

a printer

color ink for your printer

a free vimeo account

a good browser Firefox, Chrome

camera/or scanner to share your pages or an iphone works great

a paypal account

Adobe Reader (free) to read and download PDF’s

A Healing Journal (writing journal)

An Art Journal (you may want to have a separate one for this kind of work)

Basic art supplies (paint…any kind, gesso, gel medium, paint brushes, old cards, , stencils, stamps, papers, collaging elements, please use what you have as much as possible. Use your favorite supplies)

one large canvas size 16 X 20

an open, willing spirit

commitment to your own healing process

(You do not need to know how to draw or consider yourself an artist or writer to participate. I can’t stress this enough. You will have access to basic art journaling videos)

Retired Course Special Price $40