Why Take this Course?

You may or may not need the course.

I would ask myself, can I do it on my own, have I done it on my own?

If the answer is no, perhaps more is needed than your own willpower.

The course provides a structure, a way to plug in daily and keep your yes right at the forefront of your mind and heart. There is a video almost everyday which prompts you to think about and/or act on your yes.  The course also provides accountability which some of us need. There is something powerful about claiming this is what I’m saying yes to in front of other people and reporting back on your progress. And then there is the amazing loving community which is priceless.  Women that will see you and encourage you, and witness your unfolding (if you let them). You also get the added bonus of on the spot coaching from me for the 30 days. Just ask for help and I will dive in with you.