Why I Created the Course

The Journey of Yes, was born out of my own desire to say yes in my life after years of healing and exploring the pain I experienced in my childhood and in my adult life. I found that I was living life on the defense instead of opening up to possibilities.

I was living from a protective place, striving for safety because I really needed it, but shutting myself off to the fullness of my life.


And for a while it served.

Until it didn’t.


It became more and more apparent to me, after diligently exploring my own wounding, that without the power of YES and the support of community, I was missing an integral part of the healing process, not only in my life but my teaching as well:

The act of reclaiming and being witnessed in the reclaiming. 


For this is what a journey of yes truly is at its core, saying yes to something we have denied ourselves, or been too afraid to claim as our own.

Saying yes to something we have not allowed ourselves to have despite a deep and essential longing for it. It began as my journey but being a natural teacher I wanted to bring it to the women in my sanctuary.

I had facilitated, quite a few healing courses and sometimes we went into some heavy but necessary territory. This work of healing childhood wounding is important, but not everyone was in the same place, we were all at different stages of the process.

I realized that there were quite a few women who had done a lot of healing work and were ready to say yes more in their lives along with me and so the Journey of Yes was born.