Why 30 Days?

Why 30 days?


This has nothing to do with habit. Let’s face it a lot of us have done something for the prescribed 28 days which made it a habit for those 28 days and perhaps a few weeks after, but later because we didn’t fully understand it or live inside of it, we stopped doing it.


This is about having a true understanding about what you are saying yes to, why it matters and the power of momentum.


This is about building upon the energy of the day before, adding to it, wrangling it, feeling it more and more deeply in your body and heart with each passing day.


This is about living inside your yes in a way you have never done before. To do this, we need a daily practice, a way we can enter into the energy of our yes throughout our 30 days and beyond.


It requires a daily investment of your time, energy, and heart.


We’ve all been there, we say yes to something and do a couple of things for a few days and then do nothing for another few days and find ourselves trudging along as if through quicksand.  We lose our momentum, we forget why this thing mattered so much in the first place.


We will learn and understand why it means so much to us, beyond the surface answers of “Oh I just want to be healthy, or I want to make more money so I can pay my bills”.


Girlfriend you and I know it is so much more than that

One of the most exciting parts of this process and is figuring out the fire

and the why beneath the yes.


And you don’t have to do it alone.

In fact leaning on the group will help empower you even more.