Readiness Questions

Do you have at least 30-60 minutes a day to devote to the prompt for that day, watch the video for the day and participate in the group? Are you willing to carve out that time for yourself each day?

Can you be kind to yourself even if you do not get to every prompt?

Are you willing to support others in their journey? 

Are you willing to share how your process with the prompts is going and what is coming up for you? 

Are you willing to work through the stuck parts and keep your eye on what you saying yes to?

Are you open to trying out something new?

Are you open to using photos and perhaps video to document your journey and share it with the group? (this is optional but would be so much fun if you said yes)

Do you have something you really want to say yes to and you are willing to invest in it for a full 30 days?

Do you believe that you can create a shift in your life with focused effort, trust and belief in yourself? Are you willing to believe?