Journey of Yes 30 Day Program

Next Cycle September 29th 2014


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“Submit to a daily practice
Your loyalty to that
is a ring on the door.
Keep knocking, and the joy inside
will eventually open a window
and look out to see who’s there.”



What are you longing for?  Burning for?

Yearning for?


What is that one thing you think about so often, it keeps you up at night?


This undeniable longing is just waiting for you to say YES to it.

Waiting for you to open your heart and life and BE willing..

To LIVE it




 The Journey of Yes is not a goal setting course, it is a goal EMBODYING course. It is for women who want to say yes to something and really live their yes mind, body and spirit for a full 30 days.

Before a goal is met, before we can actually open fully to something we want in our lives, there is the work of becoming who we need to be in order to “get there”, of feeling it in our bodies, of believing it can happen.

These are the mind, body processes needed to fully allow our yes to live through us.


This 4 week course is about practicing living your yes, living inside of it, becoming it, learning how to plug into it, how to identify what your yes energy is and feels like, what blocks it, what sets it free, and ultimately harnessing its power.

Living it changes things in such a way that it will be harder for you go back to the way things were.


Prepare to be awakened.  Being awakened means we get to live life more fully, more present, and feel more of who we are beyond our wounding. 






Powerful daily weekday prompts (20) delivered to your inbox (and added to the FB group) to keep you plugged into and thinking about that one precious thing you are saying YES to.


NEW! A weekend integration prompt to help you integrate what the shifts as a result of saying yes


2 meditations to help you ground your YES into your body and to help you LIVE inside your YES


Weekly collage/art videos.  Creative prompts help us process, integrate and de-stress. (You do not need to know how to paint or draw to take this course)


Weekly videos and/or audios related to prompts


Access to a private Facebook community for gathering together collectively in support and exploration of your YES (priceless)



On the spot coaching in the FB group at any time during our 30 days together (ask for help when you are struggling and I will gladly dive in with you.)


A Guide to Living Your Yes Ebook (What keeps us from our YES, Ways to Stay Plugged IN, When the Going Gets Tough, Why Risks Matter and How to Take More Risks)


“I wanted you to know that I have fallen in love with this program. My awareness is at a higher level than it ever has been, and even though I haven’t been able to complete all of the prompts yet I have been following them and completing what has felt right at the time… I attempted my self portrait more times than I can count. Last night I finished her. I have never taken an art class outside of elementary school. I sketched her. I am in awe. Without this course, I would never have explored this part of myself. I can’t thank you enough for that” Sheila H.


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I want to show you how living from a place of “YES” is powerful, and sexy, and true.

I want to share with you how to get through the hard parts of opening and receiving the gifts your “yes” has to offer you.  

I want to show you how “yes” changes everything.

Join me and other powerful women as we say yes to something we are longing for and walk through the fire together. 

Give yourself 30 days and experience the power of this one simple word.


Say yes.


I am ready to say YES! I am aware of the commitment I will need to make for myself during the 30 days. Let’s do this!
Investment: $99



Still need to know more? Keep reading, there is a lot to know before you make a commitment, I get it. 🙂

Why 30 days?


Why I created this course?

Why take a course, why not just do it on my own?



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I am ready to say YES!
Investment: $99


Returning members join in at a reduced rate, please contact me at for invoicing.


“The Journey of Yes has kept me motivated and on course with my goals in a way that I have never experienced before. It’s a fabulous and fun way to stay the course whatever your goals are. Insightful prompts from Stephanie keep you focused and accountable. Your fellow journeyers inspire and encourage you on your journey. It is an invaluable resource if you are wanting to make important life changes.”

Angella De Jager

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For 30 days you will make a solid commitment to your beautiful self to see it through. 
This is a full tilt, risk taking, kind of journey.
This will be your solemn vow during our time together:
I am committed to saying yes in whatever form it takes to this one very important thing in my life because I am worth it, because this is worth it.
I am willing.
Making this decision is powerful.


Living inside your YES for 30 days is transformational. 

“When I joined Journey of YES Cycle 1, I had no idea how life changing this journey would be! Stephanie’s prompts have gently guided me and encouraged me to dig deep inside myself to find the courage to say YES to life and positivity. I also found myself belonging in a community of wonderful women who have inspired and cheered me on my journey. Now I have a journal of YES that will always have special place in my heart.”

Lynda K.


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Just some ideas of  what you can say YES to

“If you’re ready to make a commitment to Saying Yes; to challenge yourself to something; heal something, take this powerful, life-changing and highly effective course, taught by the fab (Cert. Life Coach) Stephanie Gagos.

Read the reviews & the course outline. You also have the all-important benefit, of being part of a caring, affirming, closed, Facebook community, so, why do it alone when you don’t have to? A win-win combination!” – Vicki Cook



What you will need



Are you ready to take the Journey of YES

The Journey of YES 30 Day program, runs in cycles of 45 days a few times a year.
Join in at the start of any  cycle. Join in as many times as you want (previous members get a huge discount).



I am ready to say YES!
Investment: $99


Returning members join at the same reduced rate as before, please email me and I will send you an invoice.

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This program is for you if:

you are ready to commit to 30 days of focused energy on what you are saying yes to

you’ve tried to make a commitment before but you recognize that you really need support

you want to and are ready to truly give yourself 30 days of attention and devotion.

you recognize you will get as much out of the program as you put in

you are willing to let go of excuses, and eliminating the word but.. and the phrase: ” I can’t”, for the next 30 days

you take full responsibility for what you achieve

you believe in the power of showing up in your life and in community

you are willing to be open and vulnerable


This program is not for you if:

you are not ready to give it your all for 30 days

you believe a one workshop/class/facilitator has all the answers for you

you are looking for a quick fix

you are not willing to invest in yourself

your mentality is: “I hope this works” or your intention is to “fix” yourself




Lynda prompt 12

 Lynda Fortin King


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Angella de Jager


Julie Williamson


Lynda Fortin King


What People are Saying..

“The Journey of Yes has motivated me to find and tear down the road blocks I myself put in front of attaining my dream. I made many new revelations about myself. This journey of Yes changed my whole outlook about life. Stephanie leads in a gentle manner with the writing prompts and art projects that can make profound difference in life.”  Amy S.

“Stephanie’s Journey of Yes course appeared on my radar just at the right time when I wanted to start saying ‘yes’ to me. I love the prompts and encouragement you get from Stephanie and from fellow journeyers. Taking the course is a ‘yes’ to yourself and your dreams – your future you will thank you, I’m sure”- Julie W