The Hell Yes Journey


the hell yes journey

The Hell Yes Journey is a ten day journey into the fire of your yes.It is for women who want to say yes to something in their lives and need some support and accountability throughout their process.

It is for women who want to stand in their power and say yes to life.

Fire represents enthusiasm, passion, courage, force, initiative, rejuvenation, willingness, radiance, freedom.

We will invest our precious ten days in living and breathing life into our yes, immersed through discovery and exploration of what it means to say yes, why it is so important and what it is here to give us. We will focus on one hell yes during our time, one thing we are burning for, and passionate about, exploring the layers of the longing.

And that is just the beginning.

This journey is truly an invitation into your own awakening beyond your self doubts, beyond what you have believed about yourself, beyond your childhood pain.  Saying yes, is a decision to engage in your own life and to be willing to show up for yourself.

It is an experience of awakening to your own longing, passion, and courage.

Join me and other powerful women as we say yes and walk through the fire together in “loving community” .

Begins July 14th (look for pre- course activities in your inbox on July 11th which will lay the groundwork for the entire sure to sign up before then.) 

Stephanie, thanks so much for your warm, engaging, loving, commited leadership. You so believe in this process, it shows and you have a huge impact on all of us that you touch. Thanks for the experience and thanks for your guidance in painting!!” K. H.



Stephanie Gagos is a Certified Life Coach, and facilitator of women’s groups. She specializes in empowering women as well as helping women who were wounded as children heal and awaken to their lives. Her courses take each woman on a journey of awakening. Her work prompts women to own their truth and and heal from the remnants of what may still be holding them back. She works both with women who were wounded as children and women who want to step into a more empowered life.

 A more awakened life is a more fulfilled life.














Note: You do not need to be a survivor to take this course. My Yes courses are open to all women.



“this was intense and wonderful an i so appreciated just having a place to come see how other women on similar journeys were doing… you touched my heart and fed a starving place within me— you are blessings…. thank you so much ” Kelly Verstraete


Why might I need this?

This particular journey, helps us to tune into to what we truly want.  Normally we live our lives from a passive place until it’s time to examine something or do something we really want to do. Saying yes really does not only transform how we think and behave, but the things around us begin to change, because we change.

The daily prompts nudge us to be active and act from our yes and trust it. 

Doing this work in community allows us to be witnessed in the fear, in the courage, in the midst of our shift.

People truly matter when we taking risks and stepping into something we are longing for.  The group gives us a safe space to bring our vulnerabilities as we push past our edges and truly helps with accountability. By saying, “hey I am working on this” in front of everyone, it pushes us to show up, own it and do it.

If you’ve been wanting to say yes to something and feel afraid, or lost and you have  struggled to start or sustain your energy around your yes, this course can help you create forward movement.

Together we will:


Commit and be seen in one thing we are saying yes to for the ten days

Explore the energy of hell yes and how it is different from “yes” energy

Explore our blocks to the energy of yes in our lives

Explore the power of “no”

Practice taking risks, creating movement, and being IN our yes

Reclaim a part of ourselves we need for this particular journey

Learn how to use simple tools such as visualization, freewriting/brainstorming to access our inner wisdom (tools to explore, discover, honor and face your truth)

We will explore intention and purpose and how it can be cultivated by us on a daily basis (we are not waiting for things to happen anymore)

Hell Yes circle


You will receive:

A daily email with a multimedia component (audio, video or PDF content) including prompts inviting you dive into the “fire” of your yes and prompt you to take risks each and every day. 


Direct on the spot coaching from me (sometimes I will seize an opportunity if I see something that needs reframing and more focused support, but you are always free to ask for coaching as well, in fact I encourage it).


A FB private community for sharing and supporting one another for the entire ten days.


“What tools did I gain as a result of this wonderful class?

• Trust the process and do it anyway

• I can state my needs without feeling guilt or shame

• I am good enough

• I can take risks and not feel that I have to be perfect

• What matters is that I participate and not compete with others

• I have talents and gifts I should be proud of without negating or devaluing their worth

• I am an artist

• I am a writer

• I am a gift to myself and others

• I can try…fail…try…fail….try

• I have a voice

• I can say what I mean and mean what I say

• Learning and sharing with others make my world a better place

• My sacred and healing rituals are a blessing and not weird after all

• I will not shy away from joining another class in which I can honor myself and learn from others

• My artistic creations are valuable to me. I will be proud of every single piece I create

• Loving and taking care of my body, mind, and spirit are the best gifts I can give myself and the world

• I am a spirit living a human experience

• I am a shell that carries my spirit

• God will continue to provide for me. I need to trust and let go.

Frances Rivera Alvelo

Investment: $44 (click on the big gorgeous circle to register, you will receive pre-course activities on July 11th)


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Step Into the Fire

This journey is for you if:


You are ready to take action every day of the ten days and hopefully beyond


You are committed to what you are saying “hell yes” to


You have at least a couple of hours a day to respond to the prompts, post your work, comment on the work of others and do at least one “hell yes” action a day


You recognize you will get as much out of the program as you put in


You are looking to find the answers, the meaning and connections within yourself


You need and want accountability and support as you step into your brilliance


You enjoy supporting others and love to see others strive and excel


This journey ISN’T for you if:


If you are looking for a quick fix


If you are hoping this is the answer to everything


If you think I have all the answers (you have all of them, I promise)


If you are not sure you can  put in the work for all ten days


If you are not able to, at this time, to take risks or show up for yourself and others


What you will need:

  • Writing Journal so you can pour your ever loving heart out, face your fears in black and white, or blue and white depending on what pen you use. I digress! This is a place to write out your longings, make love to them, spend time with them, feel the fire within them, the fire with you.

  • Email provider so I can send you sweet nothings in your inbox everyday.

  • Facebook account (you can create one just for the course if you don’t have one)

  • High Speed Internet (for video viewing and audio listening) cause it will be a pain in the ass trying to watch videos, listen to audios, with a slow connection.

  • Investment of Time (about two hours per day), because, duh you matter, you are worth 2 hours of your time, really. Trust me.

  • Commitment, a willingness to leave your usual excuses at the door and know that they are just “stories”. It’s time to tell a different story.

  • a Bit of least a bit

Optional but recommended:

  • Art Journal or other creative space holder/all prompts lend themselves to some creative expression. So many of my participants come from the art community, we just have to paint or draw it out in some way…we just gotta do it. This not an art course but the option is always there.

  • Camera (for picture taking and videos, a camera phone will do) OMG, you have to take pics cause it makes this journey so much fun.  You can take pics of your shoes, your hands, anything that represents your yes, get creative and take at least 10 pics a kidding.

  • Picmonkey (it’s free. I’m going to show you how to transform your pics into transformational reminders, affirmations, mantras etc. You will need to surround yourself with yes energy and images speak volumes.




Why just ten days?


This course is specifically designed to build the energy of what you are saying yes to, to keep you really connected to your “hell yes” intensely. With only ten days, you will want to get as much in as possible during your time. That or collapse into please check out the “this journey is for you if” section and the “readiness section”.


How is this different from the Journey of Yes?


This course is specifically designed to be shorter and a little more intense. The Journey of Yes is a 30 day exploration of our yes, the different facets of it, and what we need in order to fully live our yes. The Hell Yes Journey, takes us right into our longing and passion and the work of sustaining it and being IN it.  Each prompt is meant to really focus and concentrate on the power and meaning of what we are saying yes to. Each day we are invited to ACT on our yes through inspired action and risk taking. This course contains all new content.


Who is this course for?


Most of the women who take my courses have had some trauma in childhood (womb – 21 years of age) and while not each class specifically delves into childhood, I hold the container from a deep understanding of what it means to have come from painful beginnings.


I create a safe space for women to rise to the level of their brilliance as well as hold space for the threads that may still exist around worthiness, feeling deserving, powerlessness, helplessness, depression and anxiety which often stem from childhood neglect, abuse, abandonment.


What is”loving community”?


 I can’t think of a better way to describe loving community than to use Starhawk’s poem on community.




Somewhere, there are people

to whom we can speak with passion

without having the words catch in our throat.

Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us,

eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power.

Community means strength that joins our strength

to do the work that needs to be done.

Arms to hold us when we falter.

A circle of healing. A circle of friends.

Someplace where

we can be free.

STARHAWK, Dreaming the Dark



Are you ready (readiness quiz)? Readiness is so important in all of my courses. I wouldn’t want you to take a course you are not ready for, and feel like a failure and I wouldn’t want to to feel like I’m trying to get you to participate and do the work. Yucky for both of us. Let’s avoid that mess. Check in and see if you are ready to spend the next ten days devoted to your yes, devoted to you.


Do you have at least 1-2 hours devote to your yes, working through the prompt, engaging in action everyday?


Are you willing to support others in their journey? 

Are you willing to share your process with the prompts and what is coming up for you? 

Are you willing to work through the stuck parts and keep your eye on what you saying yes to?

Are you willing to drop excuses as they come up, to be aware of how you get in your own way?

Are you open to trying out something new?

Are you open to using photos and perhaps video to document your journey and share it with the group? (this is optional but would be so much fun if you said yes)

Do you believe that you can create a shift in your life with focused effort, trust and belief in yourself?

Are you willing to believe in yourself?

Are you willing to invest in yourself?



Investment $44 (click the big gorgeous circle to register,

you will receive pre-course activities on July 11th)



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