Healing the Mother Wound





“The mother wound is such a primal wound, it severely affects how we see ourselves, how we allow others to treat us and fundamentally who believe we are and can be. While it is profoundly painful, it can be shifted and healed over time. This course is just one step in the process, allowing others to see you and hear you in your pain as well as your innate love-ability , is another step in the process. We just have to be willing to go through the dark to get to our light.” Stephanie Gagos




Healing the Mother Wound is a 5 week self paced healing course for women healing from childhood wounding related to their mothers and/or primary caregiver. This course will help women explore this core wound from childhood and the feelings and effects it may still be causing today using writing and art journaling as tools for exploration.


Many of us feel lost and because this wound is so deep and old, it has a tendency to become unconscious and feel overwhelming when it does come up.

This course will show you some safe ways to enter the wound, to sit alongside it and be curious and open to what it has to say and teach you.

Each week you will receive a lesson to explore through writing and an art page (this can be done with markers and paper). There will be questions to explore that help you go deeper. You will receive a pdf with the entire lesson and a talk video and art video in which I model my own process.

If you happen to take the group during one of our live sessions you will be added to secret Facebook group and are encouraged to share your work in the group and be seen and heard…this is a powerful part of the healing process. During the live sessions, I am available each day for on the spot coaching within the group.

Some people prefer to go through the materials on their own and so you may want to purchase the course during times when we are not running the course live. Do what feels right to you. 

It is highly recommended for all of my courses that you are under the care of a licensed therapist or part of a therapy group and have some in person support as well. All healing classes are meant to be an enhancement to the healing work you are already doing.




Course Outline

Week One: Knowing the Wound

Week Two: Grieving the Wound

Week Three: Owning Your Anger

Week Four: Making Choices/Setting Boundaries

Week Five: Exploring the Wisdom and Gifts within the Wound

Note: You do not need to have any experience with art, just some basic supplies and I will be providing access to some basic videos as well.  There will be writing exercises as well as five art pages/paintings that will help you explore the wound further and begin the process of bringing your light to it in a transformative way. Some participants decide to just do the writing exercises and find a way to do the creative parts of the course without “painting”..using pics from magazine for example is an alternative way of approaching the art prompts.

Remember, you do not need to know how to draw or paint to take the course. Anyone can express their feelings through drawing and using colors (markers, crayons or paint) and it can be a very healing experience to not only use words but images as well.



Self Study

Investment $99






This is a self study course and all materials are downloadable and available for 6 months after purchase.


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what people are saying-1



Participating in Healing the Mother Wound has profoundly changed my life. It has been hard and painful work but is so worth it in terms of the growth and healing that have come to me. I have gone from feeling a victim of child abuse to being a stronger, empowered survivor with choices. I can see the gifts of my past that until now had remained hidden. It has helped me come to terms with my past, accept it and then grow beyond it. This has truly been a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend it.

Jane Hamilton

I have watched my wife as she has taken this course and observed a much more positive person emerge from the process. It has been wonderful to see and my wife and I are all the better for it. Thank you Stephanie for doing this kind of work.
Skip Hamilton

I am grateful for having the opportunity to have take the “Healing the Mother Wound” course. I know in my heart it was a blessing given to me. I went into it with a bit of fear, as I did not know what to expect. I find that talking about my “mother” is difficult for every aspect of my being. Not everyone knows my story, and those that do it is because they are close to my heart. When I first learned that someone had given a scholarship for the “Healing the Mother Wound” course and that there would be a giveaway and that we were to apply, I must say that I applied with heart in hand. I had no idea I would win, but when I did I truly was excited! 


This amazing course took me to my inner self and discovered many things I thought were non existent such as frustration, anguish, sadness, bitterness, and anxiety. I got to work them out with the topics that were given. These topics were not only for writing but also for creating art. I believe that writing & art go together for a course like this. 


I am grateful for the person that gave this scholarship as a gift and I will always treasure their love for healing in my heart even though I do not know their name. Thank you anonymous angel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Thank you Stephanie Gagos for being an AMAZING teacher with heart in hand. I am grateful for your teaching and dedication. Thank you for all your attentive measures of being there for me & everyone in the course. These things are NEVER forgotten. You are an angel and to top it of from where I am, Puerto Rico, makes it even more assertive that we are sisters at heart, mind, & soul. You touch peoples hearten with your simplicity and courage to take on a delicate subject and one to which you also have battle with. 


Feeling grateful, happy, & honored to haven been part of such an amazing course. “Healing the Mother Wound” has proven to be one course to not miss out on. 



Elizabeth Aviles

I took Stephanie”s Healing the Mother Wound…. it helped me change my life… move forward and heal… now I feel whole and can stand tall in the light full of love… 

Kelly Verstraete








what you will need1

High Speed Internet Service

A good browser like Firefox or Google Chrome

A laptop or computer

A free Vimeo account if you want to download the videos

Adobe Reader to read and download PDF’s

A camera and scanner so you can upload your artwork and share

writing journal(healing journal)

an art journal or loose watercolor paper 140 lb

Photos of yourself as a child

photos of your mother

markers, crayons, colored pencils, and paint

collage elements, embellishments

stamps, stencils

anything on hand! No need to go out and buy anything if you have basic supplies

If you are complete beginner:

Strathmore Visual Journal or any Mixed Media Journal

a set of paints acrylics

paint brushes

some tools to make marks, household items work well, bottle caps, wine corks, spatula, forks

a few stamps and stencils

scrapbooking paper (I like using thin scrapbooking paper), papers in general, ones you have laying around