I don't want to stop the tears.. [entry-title permalink="0"]
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Tears are constant companions today as I make my way through the day.
People close to me are hurting and I can’t help as much as I would like.
Robin Williams passing the way he did is heartbreaking.
I’ve spent my day finding meaning in my art, in words by Anne Lamott, in videos of  a Maori War Cry (haka).





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I don’t want to stop the tears.
In fact I welcome them.
I notice my eyes welling and I feel tender and softer and more open.
I don’t want to stop that in anyway. I want to make space for the grief of loss, of pain, of sadness so deep that one can no longer take another moment.
I want to make space for the sadness I have felt for years, for the times I didn’t want to be here, for the dark days when I couldn’t see my way out, but somehow I did.
I want to make space for my love of life, for the beauty of life, for how precious and fleeting it all really is, for the joy I feel in being part of this earth and connected to all of you.
I want to allow every single visitor today as Rumi so beautifully describes in his poem the Guest House. 
I will not shun a single tear, a single moment of vulnerability. I will enter it and be with it for it is a part of who I am.  It is what makes me able to love and be loved, it is what allows me to want more in my life, to want to BE more, to help others and be more fully alive.
It is my humanity.