What Keeps Us From Our YES [entry-title permalink="0"]

The following is one of the chapters in the Short Guide to Living Your Yes from the Journey of Yes Program. I think it is important as we enter into the Hell Yes Journey, to share “what keeps us from our yes”.  This is for all of us who are stuck in our fear and hiding.



What Keeps Us From Our Yes?
Fear of failure
Fear of vulnerability
Fear of rejection
Fear of not getting it right or wanting to make it so right that you get stuck in perfectionism
Fear of being judged
And the list goes on….



Dear Beauty,

What keeps you from your yes is fear. Simply fear, dear one. Run down any excuse to its bare bones and there you will find yourself balled up in a corner, lights off and very afraid.


What put you in that corner may have happened long ago or even recently, the timing doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are there.


Sometimes you can only see what is right in front of you. There is just enough light for that, but beyond your corner is a room and beyond the room there is a house, and beyond the house there is a street and beyond the street there is a world..waiting for you to shine your light.


There have been times when you shined your light and it was not met with eyes of appreciation and love and so you learned how to hide it. You learned how to stay small. It was how you survived. It was necessary and true.


You hide very well.


You tell yourself, you must stay here where it is safe. You’ve trained yourself to just go a bit beyond, but nothing more.


Sometimes, you decide to step out of that corner and stretch your shaky hands out into the world and if you are not met with love, you recoil and spring back to your familiar place of safety.


You go back and forth like this many times, you fear the risk of stepping out fully and standing and staying and being seen.


You doubt yourself and think it is about you, but in fact, the people you reached out to, could not see you because they are also hiding their light.


They are very afraid like you and when you shine bright, it scares them. It forces them to see the dimness of their own light.


Sometimes they can feel the timidity in your reach and they are afraid of that too.


They wonder, why are you hesitant, are you hiding something too?


Sometimes they just do not fancy the same things you do.
Mostly it has nothing to do with you. Mostly it is just your story played out by characters subconsciously drawn in by you, to reaffirm what you believe about yourself…deep down.


What keeps you from your yes?


The story you told yourself long ago, the story you are still telling yourself, the story that keeps you in the corner and robs the world of your beauty.


Change the story and new people show up.


Step out boldly and people will be drawn to you. You decide who stays and who goes, who is good for you and who isn’t.


Your life, your space, your boundaries.


Shine dear one. The world needs you.


I need you.


You need you.


Take my hand and come out of the dark and into your very own light. It’s warmer out here and just a lot more fun.


With Love Your Sister,