Worth Repeating: The Rush to Heal [entry-title permalink="0"]

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This is a blog post from March 2013, worth repeating.
In the rush to heal we bombard ourselves and ultimately overwhelm ourselves with too many tools, too many courses, multiple ways of self medicating, lots of plans to keep busy and a whirlwind of modalities, and methods that of course will ultimately make us whole. Right?
Something has to work right?
In the rush to heal, we are trying to get out of the discomfort of the wound.
Anything to get out of there where it is scary and painful and the results unknown.
Anything to start feeling good now.
But when we are faced with having to move through the wound, sometimes we contract, we hide, we avoid, we do anything not to have to go “there” when “there” is exactly where we need to go.
There are boogie monsters in there, straight jackets, bathroom floors ridden with old and fresh tears, rage filled rooms full of broken glass. In “there” is a total loss of control.
We imagine ourselves to be wrecks if we ever dare go in “there” never to be recovered and lost forever.
We have worked hard at keeping it together.

But what if the denial of our healing, the denial of our wound, the denial of our truth is causing a quiet insanity, an inner tension that ultimately will be released in some way, or perhaps it has already. What if we have coiled ourselves up so tight, so secure, we are left with little room to breathe, little room to experience any of the pleasures in life. What if in our attempt to keep it together, we have lost ourselves so completely, we don’t even know who we are.

But what if…

we tended to the wound, sat alongside it with compassion and the question:
“How may I help you?”
What if we sat with it just like we would sit with a grieving friend?
What if we took it slow and listened to the wound?
What if we took it so slow we could hear our life speaking to us, telling us exactly what is next, what is needed. What if we were so in tune with our SELF, and with our truth and our bodies, that we were experiencing our healing all the time, in everything around us.
And what if we could trust that?
We would know, when the grief rises, there is a message there for us, a chance to cleanse ourselves and pay attention to our own vulnerabilities.
When anger rises, we would know, it is an opportunity to reclaim our power.
When overwhelm took over, we would know it was time to slow down, to simplify and take good care of ourselves.
When frustration set in, we would know it is time to stop fighting with ourselves and listen.
We would know when betrayal comes knocking once again at our door, that there is healing, new and old to be had. We would trust that there are messages about our power, about listening to ourselves, about our worth as a human being all wrapped up in that person who showed up to help us see it.
What if we used the very things we are afraid of, our true feelings and used them to inform our lives and get clear on what it is that we needed and what is next. What if we got quiet enough to hear the whispers of what needs healing right now in this moment and took each moment as it came.
What if we stopped trying to heal the whole thing in one fell swoop?
What if we just all took a breath and said yes to life in each moment and let go of the rush?
What kind of life would that be? What might the healing journey look like then?