Cycle 4 Journey of Yes, Why I Celebrate Everything [entry-title permalink="0"]
I am a big celebrator of all good things in my life.  Celebrating the good in my life is a huge part of my daily spiritual practice and how I manage my energy.
I pay attention to the big and small ways I move forward, to the wonderful things that come my way, to the ways that I stretch myself and to everything that brings me joy. When you really pay attention, you will often find there is a lot to celebrate. And while we all have difficult times and periods where we feel steeped in grief, or anger, or frustration…finding ways to also notice what is good in your life, can be a very powerful tool.
The Journey of Yes cycles are about devoting yourself to falling in love and being in relationship with one precious thing in your life but what often ends up happening is that is has a ripple effect into other parts of your life as well.
Here is what I accomplished in the last 30 cycle of Journey of Yes. I don’t think I did enough celebrating when I was “in” it. I want to honor the steps I took, the ways I stretched myself and how I embraced my creative life.
I started a morning practice! I hated structures before but I found comfort in finding a way to enter my day in a way that felt sacred.
I started going out of my comfort zone with some of my paintings (Om Goddess and Breakthrough Painting)..the handprint painting is very different than any painting I’ve done, it is an abstract and I love it beyond words. The Om Goddess painting is also not like my traditional “pretty whimsical girls”.
I reworked an old painting (and am still reworking it…going on 2 years)..maybe she’ll never be done and that’s okay.
I painted “almost” every day for the 30 days..yay! Yes that is enough! I am enough.


I painted a big portrait for the first time 24 x 30 and tried some new techniques (Presence)
Recorded the final track of Adele’s version of “Make You Feel My Love” Yay! Gearing up for the presentation in my core group, where everyone will hear it on May 31st
Started investing in art as a buyer. See that gorgeous door made by Donna L. Martin and beyond amazing YES painting by Chris K Forster :D!!!


IMG_2497Finally after 5 years of living in Nyack I created flyers and started distributing them regularly…taking the risk  of making myself a little more known in town.

I started to use more embellishments in my art. I love doing this now.

I reworked another old painting.  This time of a old spray painted butterfly…I am now enjoying reworking some of my earlier works.

And finally for the first time ever, I have one of my paintings hanging in a local store, called Sanctuary, in Nyack, New York. How awesome is that?

In total I created 7 paintings during the 30 days including the ones I reworked.

I vlogged several times during the 30 days and shared my process which was so much fun. Check out my Youtube channel for the 30 days of painting vlogs.


IMG_2501Not bad for 30 days.