Acceptance and Stepping into Who We Already Are [entry-title permalink="0"]
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We often fear fully accepting ourselves in the moment because we think if we accept who we are and where we are, we won’t grow.



I see this a lot in my work with women.



I think this is one of the crafty traps our ego builds to keep the lie of “not enough” going. 



We believe that if we accept ourselves right now as we are, we will stop growing and evolving.



I truly believe the opposite is true.



Yes we all need a healthy amount of striving and for most of us that is innate, a desire to want to better ourselves, but when we bash who we are right now, when we spend our time thinking we are not enough, we will never be enough, we constrict our very selves…we put ourselves in a box and do not see the beauty and power of who we are in this moment.



Our heart beats, our lungs breathe all on their own, we are kind and gentle beings doing our best in this world, we are full of fiery passion for life even if we try to suppress it, our spark lives, it is there. We are alive and that in itself is miraculous and beautiful.



Yet for some reason we choose to focus on how far we have to go instead of how far we’ve come.



We choose to focus on all of our flaws and shortcomings, instead of what is wonderful and true and everlasting about us.



We choose to focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be and bypass the deliciousness of right here, right now.


And that energy is the energy that keeps us stuck.


It is not fertile ground for growth, instead what we are growing is more unease, more not-enoughness, more dissatisfaction, more discontent and disease. 


And from that place darling, it is really hard to stretch your wings and fly.



If we actually loosen up enough, love ourselves enough, relax enough to truly change from the inside out, without the pressure of trying to fix ourselves, or making ourselves “right” or “better”, we have more space to fully listen to what is next in our lives and what currently truly matters. The quiet, the observing, the being with, the loving what is as Byron Katie says, gives us the space to evolve.



If we are always trying to fit into a mold, or be a certain way or fix ourselves, we end up getting stuck because the real revolution within us comes from the understanding that we are ultimately enough just as we are.


Ultimately what we need is already inside of us, who we are trying to be is already here, she already exists, she just needs you to get still enough, to feel her. She just needs you to stop believing the lies you were told long ago about who you are and to start feeling into the truth of who you are.


She just needs you to believe she is exists.