Hearing My Own Voice [entry-title permalink="0"]
There is something strange that happens when I speak in front of a group, it is almost as if I am hearing my voice for the first time. I can feel my tone, the qualities of my own voice and I can feel its power. Some moments, rare moments when I stand up in front of others and begin to speak, I can feel my whole body speaking, I can hear the power of my voice and my words and I wonder why I don’t do it more, why have I kept this “speaker” hidden from view for so long.
I felt it at my father’s funeral when I got up to speak and could hear people seeing my father in me (he was a preacher)…it scared me then.
I could hear it at an English Honor’s Ceremony in which I read one of my own pieces and the silence in the room, the hum of awe and later the people who came up to me and said, “you wrote that?”
Last month, we were asked to read a piece out loud, each of us taking a section. When I read, I could feel this thing, the power in my voice once again and the energy in it. Later I was amazed when one of my fellow group members mentioned that my voice stood out above all others and it was very pleasing to the ear, and had a power to it.
Tears filled my eyes because he pointed out something I thought I had felt alone and confirmed to me that I am on to something here.
I’m not sure where this will go, but I know that I want to read my own writing aloud, there is a speaker in me who wants to use her voice.
So far I read my poem Awakening aloud to a group of about 25 people.

The other day, I recorded my first track ever of a song I have been practicing with a musician friend.IMG_0349

That moment when I heard myself sing to the music through speakers, was magical.It is no accident that the concept of “voice” is a huge part of my work,  starting with “My Voice of Truth” and later becoming “Finding Your Voice of Truth”.
After years of silence, secrets and shame, it makes sense that my journey has been to find my own voice, quite literally;  my writing voice, my singing voice, my painting voice, my speaking voice and to help other women find their own voice too.