Awakening: A Poem and Video [entry-title permalink="0"]


I have felt an amazing awakening in my life, but it did not come without some periods of  deep unconsciousness (being asleep at the wheel of my life), being so far into my pain that I could not fully experience love or life fully.

I’ve been there, more times than I have been in this beautifully alive place.

I still visit that painful place now and again but I am now becoming way too anchored in the truth of my life and the visits into pain are less intense and do not seem as true anymore if that makes sense.

This poem is about the transition from not wanting to be here to fully being here. It is very raw and personal, but I know from experience that sharing myself in this way is both healing for me and for so many others and that is what continually opens me to sharing my journey with you.

Here is a video of me reading my poem Awakening set to images of my art