Pieces of me #5: What J.O.Y teaches me [entry-title permalink="0"]

I choose joy

Recently I figured out that the acronym for the Journey of Yes is JOY. I was so delighted because really a journey of yes is a big YES to having joy in our lives. Here is what I’m learning about joy.

My life is really full right now and I love it..because its full of what I am choosing for myself.

Do I have bad days, for sure, do I have moments of fear, sadness, anger..yep.

Do I have times where things just feel out of my control, yeah lots of them. This is the big difference now: For a long time I was drifting, taking whatever scraps of joy and connection came my way.

Now I’m in a place of choosing, of selecting what is right for me, what feels good and letting go of anything that doesn’t. I’m in a place of saying yes and opening and allowing even when the good is uncomfortable and scary and new because sometimes it is especially after years of unhappiness.

We get a little scared at how good things are going..Brené Brown calls it foreboding joy.

We have a right to joy.

And the more joy I allow in, the easier it is to be with the not so good parts of life, the ick, the I don’t wanna, the I don’t know what I’m doing, the holy shit, what’s going to happen now?  Joy builds resilience and helps us cope with the inevitable twists and turns of life.

Joy gives us perspective, hope and an understanding that it won’t always be this way and that at any moment, we can feel a shift, we find ourselves, laughing, or smiling or feel a sense of peace. At any moment.

Joy teaches us to be grateful, to let go, to surrender, and to have faith, to believe in love, to open our hearts.

Each moment of joy, teaches us that the past does not have to rob us of our here and now.

Each moment is an opportunity to let a little more joy in.

How much can you let in?

How much joy will you allow yourself??