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day 83 033

For a very long time, having my “no” was very important. I was not allowed to say no as a child. I was not able to choose how my body was treated, I didn’t experience what it was like to have boundaries, to be able to say “no, that doesn’t feel good” or “no please don’t do that” or “no that makes me uncomfortable”. Being able to say no was and is a huge part of my healing.

And for a while my focus was on strengthening my boundaries, meeting my needs and not getting lost in other people..most of my twenties and thirties was spent on this. I still have to check in with myself and see if I am feeling a strong no in the face of the desires of others.

Sometimes I shied away from saying no, or said it too bluntly, or just didn’t say anything at all or even worse, did something even though everything in me was screaming, “NO!!”

I learned that the betrayal of my Self, always came with a big price to pay and it just wasn’t worth it.

Today, I am feeling the truth of my “yes” strongly. I am feeling the need to choose into what I DO want in my life instead of focusing on what I don’t want.

Yes is a big part of the healing process too and that is why it matters for any woman who is on a healing path. For those of us who were wounded in childhood, our yes is equally important as is our no.

My childhood healing art courses are important and needed depending on where you are on the healing journey because healing childhood wounds is so essential to be able to live a more full life. And so is the need for empowerment, and so is the need for the energy of saying yes to our longings and reclaiming our power in the now.

That is essentially what are doing when we say yes, we are healing the times we were denied as children, or have felt like our needs are unimportant, or told that we were not enough. Saying yes to our lives, to what matters kicks those myths in the teeth.

Truly saying yes says, I matter, my longing matters, my needs matter, my life matters.

You get to choose what you say yes to or no to.

You get to take the broken pieces of your childhood and create a new story and what a story it can be.

I want that story for you, the one where you get to live from your yes because it is a really beautiful and rich place to be.


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