Pieces of Me #2 Not Knowing [entry-title permalink="0"]
I am entering the new year not really knowing what’s next, and that is okay, in fact it is more than okay.. not to know, not to have big plans and goals, not to have your whole year mapped out.
I know what I want and what I’m longing for in my life and I will continue to say yes to it and get out of the way, softening and opening to my life so that I may continue to receive it.
This is new for me but I am trusting the process of my own unfolding and of my own truth . What is clear right now in this moment, is that something is waiting for me, perhaps to be ready, perhaps to fully step in, to be just brave enough to do what I’m here to do fully.
My only job right now is to prepare and open myself physically, mentally and spiritually for what wants to flow through me.
I wish you all a blessed new year where ever you are in your process. You are right where you need to be.