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I know I’ve been quiet.
It’s important for me to explain why because sometimes silence might be misinterpreted.
For the last two years I have spent much of my time creating and facilitating healing art courses. It has been a time of amazing growth for me as a facilitator, artist, teacher and healing coach.  It has stretched me in many ways as well as bringing me so much joy and delight. I created several courses within the span of a year and a half, courses that are near and dear to my heart, courses that truly matter, and help women go deep and discover their own wisdom and light, which has been there all along. I have felt honored and blessed to be the holder of that space and a witness to healing, community and love.
My hope is that women will continue to dip into the courses, as needed depending on where they are in their lives.
There is no BUT here..but more of an AND…
It’s time to shift things a bit, to focus more on the journey now, while still holding space for the truth of what was, and what continues to affect us. Where I am in my life is all about embracing the joy, the yes, the power of the here and now while still making room for the grief that surfaces at times, while still paying attention to how we may still be guarded, closed off and not fully living as a result of the effects of our childhood pain.
It is real and cannot be denied and yet there is something really important to be said about being present to where we are now and what is available to us now that wasn’t then.
My own growing understanding as a woman on her own healing journey is that, while it is important to honor the past, to grieve it, to feel the feelings that still may be frozen in us, the other aspect of healing is being here now and learning how to open up to our own joy, softening to love and trust again, reclaiming our power and the pieces of ourselves that may be hidden or seemingly unavailable to us.  The wounds are a path home…home to our bodies, home to our open hearts, home to what we are here to do and be.
The more I face the truth of what happened while still being present to what is right here, right now, the more I am able to embrace my own joy.
I know a change is coming to what and how I offer my gifts and the truth is I’m not quite sure what that will look like yet. Part of me is waiting, part of me is listening, part of me is wondering what is next not only in business but my life.
So I’m letting you know that my being quiet is not because I’m not doing this work anymore, but because it is changing, I am a changing and I’m not quite sure what form it will take. I can tell you I am excited and more than a little scared, but I can feel my life leading me in a new direction. I can feel myself changing, and it feels really good.
I am letting you know that I am still here, I am still the keeper of the sanctuary in its many forms (the ning, the Facebook groups, the classrooms). It’s hard for me to share and talk from this place as it is such an internal space. It is a space of dreaming and wondering, and meandering, and opening cupboards without an idea of what I’m searching for. It is a place of uncertainty, of going inside and musing…I’m cocooning as a beautiful fellow artist recently said to me.
Thank you for holding space for me and being a witness to whatever chooses to emerge through me. Whatever it will be will be fabulous, I’m sure, as I choose to listen to what is calling to flow through me next.
There may be some changes to the format of things, possibly moving from Ning to some other form of communing. The logistics will be revealed as I get clearer on them. Whatever happens, and however it unfolds, it will always be grounded in healing, community, love and leaning into each other in some beautiful way, painted fingers, and messy play, finding the right words to articulate our truth, walks in nature, listening to our hearts more, saying yes to what truly matters and embracing our joy.
For now I am trusting the unfolding and as I always say in my art videos, let’s see what happens.
I love you and I am forever grateful for you.