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44 days ago, I decided I wanted to shift my energy. I had spent a lot of time healing my childhood wounds and although I know that journey is never done, I felt as if I wanted to say YES more in my life.I felt that my healing journey needed to shift more into a place of self empowerment to balance the self examination and internal healing work I was doing.

I wanted to open myself up to certain things I may not have been fully open to so far. I wanted to say yes to longings I had been afraid to own and long for. I decided I would say yes to the following:

Releasing weight and challenging what my body can do.

Opening up to abundance

Opening up to love

Before I tell you the story of how it all went, I have to tell you that the shifts in the above areas I said yes to have been amazing. I have released weight, I walk about 12-15 miles a week after years of barely being able to walk half a mile, abundance has come into my life in a big way and I have started dating.

The Story…so far

It started with taking my iphone on walks and creating video diaries in which I talked about my victories, my struggles, the ways I was challenging myself and in general what was on my mind.

I found it really helpful on the accountability front and in fact found myself looking forward to recording that day’s musings as I challenged my body in ways I never had before.

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I also recognized that I felt a little alone in it.

So I decided I would invite other women to join me in saying yes to one precious thing in their own lives. I invited them to record their journey through photos and videos. I created a FB group for us to gather and support each other. I created prompts to keep us plugged in. Pretty soon I was really aware that this small thing I started was creating a movement in the lives of the women I gathered around me and was creating a huge motivation in me to continue the journey in some way and create a container for the work to continue and grow.

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I started to think about what we need in order to stay motivated and plugged into what we are saying yes to. And the following is what evolved:

A safe community to show up in our yes and in our no, was of utmost importance. We needed a safe place to share our hearts, a place where we were encouraged and supported wherever we were in the process. I created a private Facebook group to hold space for us on the journey.

We needed ways to stay plugged into our journey on a daily basis, reminders to stay on track, and ways of diving deeper into our yes..and so I created daily prompts to keep us tuned in. (30 in all)

We needed ways we could share our own journey with others not just through words. And so I invited others to create video diaries and share photos related to their yes and create art pages related to their journey.

We needed something to gather our “stuff” around our yes, our clippings, quotes and things that inspired us..and so we each were invited to create a Journey of Yes book.

We needed creative ways to express what was in our hearts and so many of us have taken to our art journals and canvases to express our YES. We now have a growing library of art videos and more to come in each cycle.

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We needed to see someone “doing it”, someone who was willing to share her struggles and her own process. And so I shared myself and continue to share my own journey through weekly video diaries.


We needed the courage to say YES  and so we gathered up as much as we could and went for it.

The Journey of Yes is now a 30 program for women to dive deep into the soul of their YES. It is perhaps the most organic course I’ve ever created. It just evolved from my own needs and the needs of the cycle 1 community and it continues to evolve. I can’t tell you how amazing the energy has been in our first cycle. Our next cycle starts October 1st.

If you are truly ready to say YES for 30 days to something precious in your life, join us. This program will require you to show up for yourself in big ways as well as show up for others. It will be important that you have the time and energy to give to yourself for 30 days. It is a daily practice to tune into your yes and so I ask that you check in with yourself and see if you are ready to roll. I hope you are.

To register for cycle 2 starting October 1st, visit the program page.


Much Love,


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