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day 19 018

I decided to sit down and write down what I love about walking because sometimes lets face it, it is hard walking for as long as I do, I am usually sore and exhausted afterward. Focusing on the rewards which are far greater, helps me stay grounded.

You might want to use this What I Love About…list exercise when you are doing something that is good for you, but you have some resistance around. This kind of list making keeps you focused on what you love rather than what you hate or dislike about it. I could easily make a list of what I hate about it (soreness, pain, length), but that just wouldn’t serve me. Making this kind of list keeps my mind on track and believe me if your mind is not on track the rest will not follow. It all starts with your mind which affects how you feel and influences what you do. So be sure to make a what you love about… list around the actions you need to take to get to your yes.

What I love About Walking:

I love the air.

I love looking at all the houses, they each have a character and personality. I love to imagine their history and what they look like inside. I periodically take pics of the ones that intrigue me.

I love the trees especially when they rustle in the wind.

I love the speed. I can walk pretty fast know and it feels good to feel my body in motion.

I love the challenge of walking further or faster, or beating my time from the day before.

I love being in the moment, focused and in the zone. I’m not thinking about how far I have to go, I’m just going.

I love getting lost in thought.

I love the rush of energy.

I love doing some videos on the way or on the way back, it keeps me accountable and keeps me from isolating.

I know winter is around the corner and I do have a plan for when it is too cold to walk, but I think I’m going to really miss it. There is nothing like fresh air and walking outdoors.