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thousand miles

I am on day 27 of my journey of yes and it has not been without its challenges and joys. I know some of you are following along with the video diaries and so I wanted to give you a small overall update.

The walks are great, I am always sore and exhausted afterward, but proud and energized. yesterday I walked 8.35 miles, the furthest yet.

So far I’ve learned my body can do so much more than I thought it could.

My body/mind also has a wall I’ve bumped up against a few times in the last three weeks. If I push too hard, pain sets in and I get discouraged.

My relationship with food mirrors my relationship with abundance. The story is: it’s going to go away, not enough, slipping into scarcity mentality which leads to try and eat/accumulate until I am full/safe financially in the short term which ends in a feeling of emptiness in the long term.

It is truly a journey of self discovery and sometimes the discoveries are not so pretty, but they are important and essential to my spiritual, mental and physical well being and that matters .

I’ve walked approximately 50 or so miles over the past few weeks and each walk is an experience onto itself. Each walk teaches me more about me, what worries me, what delights me, what’s really in my heart, and what my body can and cannot do right now. My appreciation for my body has increased and I am getting to know it on a different level now. I am listening to it more and seeing it less an obstacle and more as the vehicle to my success in many areas.

I’ve gathered 50 amazing women on the journey with me, each one of them saying YES to one precious thing in their lives right now. Each day I pose a prompt to help them go deeper into their YES. They share their truths, their vulnerabilities, their victories and struggles. They support one another and me as we make our way on this amazing path of life, NOT alone. 

It is beautiful.They are beautiful. Their journey’s precious.

I will continue to do cycles of the Journey of Yes throughout this year and next year inviting women to step fully into their YES and LIVE inside of it.

It just makes so much sense right now, this place we are all standing so powerfully in. This is exactly where we need to be right now.