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Hello Beautiful People!

I am so sorry it has been so long, but I am taking a well needed vacation. Before that I was busy cooking up the Facing Your Fears in Art Course which was fabulous. I decided to try not to do it all as I usually do when I am teaching a course and just focus on creating it and holding space for the women to fully engage with the materials and so the sanctuary has been quiet and so has my blog. And for the first time I actually do not feel guilty about it, yay for self care and boundaries!

I knew I would be taking a 2-3 week vacation once the course finished and I am so happy I did. I am now in my 2nd week and finding the space for my inner knowing to unfold. Sometimes you are so busy you don’t get a chance to reflect and go in and figure out what is next. You just kind of imagine what is needed and go do that, but what if there is something better, more life giving that is on the horizon and you just need to get quiet enough to hear the whispers of it?

What if the static of busy keeps you from your own inner knowing and intuition?  Sometimes you are so busy surviving and trying to make ends meet, you forget there is more out there to life and you lose your ability to tap into your own high vibrational flow and end up just getting a trickles of brilliance.

I for one would like be more in tune with my higher self and I am learning to find ways to facilitate that even when I’m not on vacation. I am realizing more and more the static has kept me in a state of no, of shutting down opportunities because of busyness, because of feeling tired and alone and afraid.

This time off has really helped me to see that I have been living in the land of no.

I’ve decided to instead be on a journey of yes.

From the smallest things like I can’t walk that far, or I can’t go there because its too far, to bigger things like not wanting to fly (never had a problem before) and visit friends, my life lately, especially since being diagnosed with DI (diabetes insipidus, not diabetes) has been full of no and a myriad of excuses as to why I can’t do certain things.

There just hasn’t been enough yes in my life lately.

So as I embark upon a journey to get healthy and release some of my weight, I am realizing it is much more than a weight loss journey, it is a journey of yes, of saying yes to life, to love, to relationships, to adventures, to more money, to experiencing more of me and that feels really good.

Here I am drenched after a long walk (I never walk in the rain) and sipping on my berry smoothie while drying off. I’m also recording my journey on some days, so stay tuned for video clips of my journey of yes.

I love you, and thank you for being here.

the journey of yes


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