The Little Painting Tutorial Series: Cleaning Your Paintbrushes [entry-title permalink="0"]

I am going to periodically share some tutorials related to painting. Yay!

Here is the first one in the Little Painting Tutorial Series.

I learned this process on from Michelle Phan on Youtube for cleaning your makeup brushes but I use the same method formy paintbrushes and it leaves my paintbrushes nice and soft and clean.

I clean my brushes this way once a month or so, the rest of the time I just cleanse them with water mainly and sometimes a little hand soap. This is just one way to clean and soften your brushes if that is the effect you want. Some of us may want stiff brushes and so you may not want to use this method as the olive oil really does soften them.

First take a paper plate and fill up one half with dishwashing liquid (for makeup brushes it is suggested to use anti bacterial soap, but I don’t think it matters for paintbrushes) and one half with olive oil.

washing brushes 001

Second swirl your paintbrush around getting both the dishwashing liquid and the oil on the brush.

Third, use your hand to brush the paintbrush back and forth and in circles, to work the solution into the brush, you may see different colors depending on whether your paintbrush still has paint on it.

washing brushes 004

Then rinse with water

washing brushes 005

The best way to dry your brushes is brush side down. You can use a brush guard for each of your brushes and put them in a jar or glass so the water drops from the brush instead of back down into the brush which eventually loosens the glue. If you don’t have a way of doing that, use a paper towel to squeeze the excess water and lay flat on a paper towel until dry or dry enough šŸ˜‰

washing brushes 007

Happy Painting!