28 Days of Truth, Art and Healing: Day 23 Free Healing with Imagery Videos [entry-title permalink="0"]

Truth Project 2 Revised_edited-4

I’ve been thinking of retiring some of my earlier courses and offerings for a while now. It seems so final to do so and that is probably why it has been difficult to do it. Some of the courses are just a little over a year old but I’ve grown so much in my art and my business and created so many other offerings, it feels as if I do need to make space.

The first course I’ve decided to retire, is Healing with Imagery,  a 7 week healing art course focusing on using imagery and ritual in healing childhood pain.

A little back story on this course…it was originally the Truth Project II, but really stood as a very strong course all by itself and didn’t feel like a sequel to anything and so I renamed it Healing with Imagery and Ritual.

It is by far the course that stretched me the most as a teacher and the one I felt most accomplished after creating. It is a deep thinking kind of course, that really teaches some concepts about imagery and how it can be used to tell the story of our childhoods, our healing journey, and as tools for our inner sanctuary. I also teach some basic rituals of reclaiming, releasing, and celebrating. It’s really like two courses rolled into one.

I just love it! I can’t say enough about it. It’s probably best for women who have done some healing work before, don’t mind doing some narrative type writing and some healing art.

I’m offering the course for $40. You can purchase it here if you are interested. This course will not be available again once I retire it in a week.

I’m sharing some of the Week One Videos here to give you a sense of the course.  Excuse my lack of knowledge about butterflies!


Week One Gathering and Collecting Images, choose images that speak to you around your home, out in nature, and in your life’s history. Explore the significance of each for you and so some outside research on a couple of them.


Then you create an art page based on at least two of your images. I chose the butterfly and window. Here is the window video