28 Days of Truth, Art and Healing: Day #21 A New Course: The Facing Your Fears Workshop [entry-title permalink="0"]

I am super excited to announce my next course Facing Your Fears Workshop specifically for artists who may be struggling with fears in their art life. We will cover fear of getting to the art journal page, painting on canvas as well as sharing our art with a larger audience.

I personally have walked with my fear and the voices of my fear for the past two years as I took on not only creating art and selling it but also teaching healing art courses and building my own business.

I know what it is like to be afraid of doing all of the above and doing it anyway. I will be sharing what has worked for me, some getting started techniques, some fear reducing tools and share with you a more empowering perspective toward fear.

I hope you will join us on June 27th, for a four week journey into Facing Your Fears in your art life. Many of the concepts taught in the course can be applied to Facing Your Fears in LIFE.

This course will take place in Jeanette House’s One Little House Ning so head on over become a member (free) and you can register for my new workshop right on the front page of the site.  If you are already a member, just head on over to the front page and register. Here is some more information below.

Facing Your Fears:  A Healing Art Workshop with Stephanie Gagos

Facing Your Fears Larger


Are you afraid of the blank canvas, so much so that you find it difficult to begin?

Do you long to create art journal pages or paintings on canvas but find yourself stuck or paralyzed by fear more often than you actually create?

Is perfectionism or the fear of messing it up getting in the way of you having a productive art life and putting your work out there?




This course will show you some basic steps and techniques for getting started and getting past your fears.  Whether you are a beginner or an emerging artist who finds themselves having a hard time getting to the page and/or sharing their work, this course will give you some tools you can use to manage your fear.


We will explore what the fears are, where they may have come from, and their distinct voices and how they affect your art life. We will also explore your voice of truth.

We will use some getting started techniques to get around the fear and manage the anxiety you may be feeling around creating.

We will learn to let our creativity flow and see what happens, using our mistakes” as happy accidents.

We will learn how to use our intuition to get to the next step and the next.

Finally we will create portraits of courage in which we explore the traits that will keep us moving boldly in our art and in our lives.


This is a four week mixed media healing art course. The emphasis is on the practice of paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, your intuition, and moving beyond perfectionism into owning your courage in your artistic life.All of the concepts taught can be translated and used with fears in your life.

Each week there will be an art/coaching video in which I talk about the concepts for that week and model the process with my own art. There will also be a pdf with all of that week’s lesson plus the journaling and art prompts.


The course is based on the following concepts:

You can change what you think and how you handle your own thoughts.

You don’t have to believe everything you think.

Fear does not go away.

Fear makes a good case for itself and is usually very reasonable and so  you need a voice to talk back to it.

Feel the fear and do it anyway is a primary way of walking with your fear and not letting it control you.

Fear often is a signal that we are on the verge of growth.

The flip side of fear is excitement. We must be able to own and enjoy our excitement and know the difference.

You have a higher self/voice of truth/true self (many names for it) that knows the truth of who you are beyond your fears. This voice needs to be nurtured and cultivated.