28 Days of Truth, Art and Healing: Day #20 A Poem, Trauma Hides [entry-title permalink="0"]

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I wrote this a few years ago..sending this to you with the nod of understanding. I understand the struggle in this, dear sisters.


Trauma hides beneath the surface
It is in pockets of cells, along grooves in your brain

It is life altering, mind, body and soul
It permeates your being

It comes out in spurts when least expected
It replicates itself, bringing you back to that
Moment in time

It is an unfulfilled release, an unuttered scream, a suppressed rage,
A hidden well of tears

It begs for healing

It will not be ignored, it will not go away
No matter how much you try to ignore it,
Push it aside, sweep under the proverbial rug

It will act out, throw a tantrum, chase you into an addiction,
Haunt you until you surrender into its power and say


I will face you today
I will “be with” you and your unspeakable memories
I will scream
I will rage
I will cry

I will grieve

I will do what I could not do then
and I will release you out of the hiding place