28 Days of Truth, Art and Healing - Day #11 How Did I Get Here Tips for the Art Journey [entry-title permalink="0"]

When I first opened the Healing Truth Sanctuary over a year ago, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, what I wanted it to feel like, what I wanted to offer. I was pretty clear back then, but I didn’t know if I could create the environment I wanted.

I was so new at art that I asked fellow artists to allow me to use their art as thumbnails for classrooms in the sanctuary. I was very insecure about my art back then.

My friend Edie Cournoyer recently wrote a brave blog post about how it is okay to make crap art..and shares her own insecurities and journey with her art.I love that she is embracing all of her art and reaffirming her value as an artist.

I get asked how did I get from there to here..now selling my art, using my art to decorate the halls of the sanctuary, boldly sharing my art online and feeling pretty good about my art.

If I can pinpoint some factors, that have brought me to this point, I would say that I allowed myself to make mistakes, make not so good looking art and just play. So many of us are too focused on making it perfect or pretty that we miss the beauty in the imperfections.

Take a look at this girl..her eyes are uneven, but in my eyes, she is absolutely adorable.

 little girl 010

Secondly, I have learned to trust the process and see my art as coming through me. I can honestly say that I love looking at my art sometimes, and wonder where each piece comes from. I am always amazed and what comes through and I trust that somehow I am being led to create this piece for my own healing, for the healing of others, to touch someone, or to teach something or to just play. And so when I enter, I enter OPEN to what will come through.

I try not to get bogged down by mistakes and in fact use them as opportunities to add to my before and after collection, because I trust for the most part that I can take anything and make it better (almost anything 😉

From my Before and After Collection


before and after 1


before and after 2

If you’ve taken any of my courses you’ll know that I use the phrase, “see what happens” quite often. It is my mantra, go in and see what happens, try not to have too much of plan, let go and let yourself be guided by your own instincts. Be willing to let go of the plan if you have one. I’ve created some of my best pieces this way.

I’ll be giving a course on Facing Your Fears some time in June, in Jeanette House’s community called One Little House, specifically around letting go of your fear in art and in life. Teaching some of the above concepts.

For now, just play, go in and trust the process, see what happens..let go. Be willing to make crap art like Edie said, turn your mistakes into opportunities.