28 Days of Truth, Art and Healing: Day #10 A Letter to My Body Pt 1 [entry-title permalink="0"]

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A Letter to My Body Part One

I am sorry I have not paid attention to you enough, I know that you work hard at getting my attention. Sometimes it feels easier to me to not engage with you, to not look at  you. I am ashamed of how I have treated you and the ways I have neglected you. You have been very forgiving, doing the best you can to readjust to some of the damage.

We’ve had a rocky relationship, you and I and for a long time I really felt like I was being betrayed by you at every turn and with every illness and ongoing, relentless pain. I know now that you were only responding to what I was believing about myself. You were only speaking my mind, my fears, my dread, my depression. I know that you were only reflecting my years of ignoring you, dumping toxic foods into you and my chronic holding and lack of flow.

I know now, I betrayed myself.

My intention is to listen to you more, to love you more, to care for you more, to see the beauty in you more. I know I cannot do what I want to do on this earth without you. I know that I miss so much of my earthly experiences when I am not giving you what you need and when I ignore you.

I miss so much by not being embodied.

I’ve been scared to be embodied because we both know what happened when I was, and I have grown not to trust my experience when I am present in you. But that is me living in the past and dragging you into it over and over again.

I choose today to be as present as I can to my here and now, to the beauty in you and all around me, to what you have to say about OUR NOW. I know you are still holding fragments of my past, places of in which you hold past traumas, but I believe we can heal and step into a new version of ourselves with love and compassion.

I am willing now more than I ever have been.

Walk with me.

Love Your Keeper