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I’ll never forget this post by Flora Bowley, “Vulnerability- the new “keeping it cool” in which she was told by her friend Kelly Rae Roberts, that she was having “vulnerability hangover” after sharing the story of her name change. It struck me, because it was the perfect way of putting it. I’ve been vulnerable many times, sometimes those moments have left me raw and protective the next day. Sometimes I can feel myself being more sensitive, the next day or just needing to unplug from anything of an emotional nature. A need to take a break.

I would say I am having a light vulnerability hangover.  I am okay, I feel supported and seen and the responses both on the blog and privately have been wonderful, but the first thing I thought of when trying to figure out what I would write about was to do something “light” for today.

So I’m noticing. Paying attention to what I need.

I’m feeling, like a turtle just slightly retreating into her shell, and I think that is perfectly fine. I am not sure if we are built to be “open” all the time, and for those of us who are, I’d consider them the enlightened rare few that can be completely open and vulnerable in every moment.

I think vulnerability is entered into as often as one can, sort of like waves.  Some periods in our lives, perhaps the waves get closer and more frequent the more we allow ourselves to be seen and heard and that’s a really good thing.  But I want to honor this space too, the “okay I let something very personal out, and want to stay in a bit” part of me.

It’s okay to stay inside yourself and be with yourself in that space too.

I’d like to leave you with a bit of our art magic. When I feel like I am “mucking up” a painting, I like to shoot a pic of it and then challenge myself to keep going and make it lovely. I have a whole album of Before and After Pics on my Facebook Page

Here is what this little girl looked like when I was mucking her up:


little girl mess


little girl 002

Much Love,


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