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This is my Shelly Belly..

2 months after 9/11, I heard that there were more strays coming in than usual. Feeling so helpless about the devastation of 9/11 left me looking for some way I could help. As soon as I heard this I went to the ASPCA in New York City and picked out this black beauty.

We were allowed to take her out into a wider area and I fell in love with her springy trot and effervescent personality. We came back to visit with our beagle and they seemed to get along and so we brought her home that day.

She became my buddy dog, following me everywhere, being completely satisfied to just be near me, anywhere near me, nestled beside my feet, under the bed, anywhere she could feel me next to her.

She’s 11 now and her separation anxiety is still there to some extent, her face looks so concerned when I leave. I can’t believe that for three years during my divorce, I didn’t have her and how easily she has adjusted back to be with me in the last two years.

She gets me up in the morning, gets me moving, she loves to play and chase me and Jess. She has an awesome gallop. Sometimes I think she must have been a horse in another life.

I am blessed that she chose me to be her owner. I love having her in my life and as she grows older, I think about how close I am to not having her around. I try to be present, and will often take pics, and videos of her as if preparing.

I love her and she loves me unconditionally, no pressure, nothing I have to be or do for her to love me, it’s a beautiful relationship that of a woman/man and their dog.

I just want to savor every moment with her.

shelly 001

That’s my girl.

shelly sun