28 Days of Truth, Art and Healing: Day #3 Painting Little Girls [entry-title permalink="0"]

I’m working on an inner child series of paintings. There is something about painting little girls that frees my own inner little girl. I am very attracted to whimsical paintings of children, they just make my heart swell. Perhaps because I didn’t have a childhood full of bubbles, kites, , nature, and freedom, I want to paint them now.

painting one little girl 006
I am always amazed at how artists can recapture parts of themselves they may have lost, or still long for. That is why I am so attracted to bold and bright colors as I grew up in such a dark navy world.

inner children 003

Even before I became an artist, I painted my walls in gorgeous colors..my bedroom was red, my daughter’s room teal, my stepdaughter’s room fuchsia, my living room a warm peanut butter color.

inner child 008


inner child 002


I long for the vibrancy of life that was missing for all of my childhood. Today I get to choose and it feels wonderful.