28 Days of Truth, Art and Healing: Day #2 Spending Time Away Replenishes Me [entry-title permalink="0"]

It’s so important when working in the healing field to take time away to unplug and replenish. Which is what I did today. I went out with my friend from Junior High to the movies and dinner.

Lost track of time, forgot about making a blog post (of course!) but it is those times away that allow me to re-engage with my work, my tribe, my relationships, in a more present way. It allows me to let my hair down and just be me, not coach me, not facilitator me, or mom me, or any of the other hats I wear, just me 🙂 and it feels good.

Yesterday, I was really plugged in, plugged into my own process and the course content as I worked through Week Three: Revisiting the Story and Discovering.  I wrote my her-story about my relationship with my body, starting from my early years and then I painted my Discovery Page for Painting to Heal.  I think part of healing is going in and then taking healthy breaks and going in again. Yesterday was intense and today I was able to fill my cup up.

Here is a sneak peek at last night’s page:

discovery page 013