Embodiment and Motivation [entry-title permalink="0"]


As part of the Painting to Heal Course I am facilitating, we all get to choose something we want to work through during the four weeks of the course, including me.

I have chosen to heal my relationship with my body and create a shift there and so I find myself these days really living with the issue, really digging into the layers I can access at this point in time.

The truth is, I have chosen and still choose to disconnect from it while building up other parts of myself such as my intellect, my business, my mind, my relationships etc, but without my body and connecting with my body I am missing out on a huge component of my life. There are parts of me that remain inaccessible to me.

By not being connected to my body, I am also not honoring the vehicle through which I get to have all of the above.  I know this disconnect, came from a deep wounding. I needed to disconnect and be dis-embodied in order to survive and then out of my own lack of knowledge and maturity I continued this pattern into adulthood. I forgive myself for that. I see my own innocence in that, I see how parts of me fear being in my body, really experiencing life more through it.

I lived from the head up for so long, I am familiar with being in my head, I enjoy being in my head, I feel more comfortable there and so to take time out throughout my day to tune in, to meditate, to ground, to move even,  and to feel my life through my body, is not only new but scary and unknown.

I’ll share a bit of my motivation with you at this point in the journey. This is what motivates me to shift. We all need to be motivated by something, we need to be clear on why we are doing it.

It also helps the parts that are afraid, be less afraid and helps them see a benefit to the change.

Through my body, I experience pleasure and fun.

Through my body, I am more in tune with my intuition.

Through my body, I can connect more fully with the women I work with.

Through my body I can create from a deeper place.

Through my body what is unknown can become known to me.

Through my body, I can experience more energy and I can feel more own life force more.

Through my body I can hear Spirit speaking to me.

I’ll be sharing bits of my journey with you in the weeks to come.

Keep healing and growing my beauties.