A Love Letter to Me and You [entry-title permalink="0"]

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We should probably write or paint love letters to ourselves all the time.

I’m serious.

I wrote this one January 2010 as part of an assignment on a retreat. They kept the letter and mailed it to me at some point in time, a couple of months later. It was great receiving it and reading it to myself. It reminded me of exactly what I needed to remember about myself. Cause I do forget often about the beauty that is me, more often than I’d like to admit. I encourage you write one to yourself, perhaps tuck it away somewhere or put it in a SASE and have someone you trust send it to you at some random time. Tell yourself everything you want to remember about the light that is you.

For now, replace Stephanie with your name.

This love letter is for you and me.

Dear Stephanie,

I know you are struggling right now to find your essence, as you say, buried underneath your story. I honor and bless you in your journey of uncovering who you truly are.

I want to remind you of the light within you, which cannot be extinguished. It shines brightly even when you are believing in the dimness of life. There is no heavy enough, thick enough, dark enough covering that can fully blanket your essence and the light which shines from it.

You are here to be in the fullness of who you are. The details matter less than the being. It is simple my dear, you are here to shine your light to the world in whatever way that manifests at the moment. Do not be afraid of wanting or lacking, just shine, get of the way everyday and allow your light to emanate. There are many ways to do this, not just one. Each moment is an opportunity to step out of the story, open your heart and let your divinity illuminate, and comfort the world around you.

Be quiet and still and mindful each day, lest you miss a moment in which grace can flow through you. Be kind, loving, nurturing and seek the places you can be of help. Do not assume someone is against you. Step into the trust of yes to life, yes to love, yes to Spirit.

That which you seek, desperately, grasping in fear in the dark, is already there for you. Available always. Love is here. Safety is here. Abundance is here. All wrapped in the preciousness of your eternal light.


No one can take that away from you.

Love, Forever Love