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The pay what you can Anger Mini Class is now available.  Yay!

This mini class is for anyone who has trouble accessing their anger and expressing it in healthy ways. If you are struggling with anger from from the past and the present, this is a great mini course to get you thinking about your relationship with anger and where it came from.

I am providing several options as I know we all have various levels of what we can afford. Most of my mini workshops are between $18-25 dollars and so I have started the price at $10 and capped it at $25.  Please check in with yourself and find an amount you feel good about.


Anger Mini Workshop


What you get:

Worksheets and Content

* Unpacking Anger Worksheet 1

* Unpacking Anger Worksheet 2

* Turning Anger into Power PDF

* Ways to Express Anger PDF

anger 022

4 Videos

* Unpacking Anger Video

* Doing Byron Katie’s The Work with Anger Video (to follow along, get the free Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and One Belief at a Time Worksheet from

* Expressing Anger Safely Video (rage pages, feeling dumps and physical expression)

* Releasing Anger on the Big ART Page Video (you’ll need big paper such as

23 x35) I bought mine here:

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Anger Mini Workshop


You will need:

a writing journal (healing journal)

a  large piece of cardstock you can paint on, paint, paintbrushes, stencils, stamps, mark makers (spatulas, sponges) if you choose to do the painting

high speed internet to watch the videos

Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download the PDFS

time to complete the worksheets and do some of the assignments

an open and courageous spirit to enter into some difficult feelings