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For those of us who may have experienced trauma in relation to anger as children, anger may be a very difficult emotion to express and hold space for in others. It’s important to begin to find healthy ways to express anger so that we can begin to step out of the fear of it and step into the power of it.


Anger is a fantastic motivator. It can spring us into action, push us into getting clear about our boundaries, what’s ok and what is not ok.  It is also an emotion that needs action, it needs some kind of outward expression.


Often we feel out of control when we are angry because it is a very active emotion in the body. It bubbles, ripples, moves within us and if we suppress it we will often find that we have aches, pains, illnesses, or depression as a result of “suppressed anger”.

It is vital to get it out in some way.


I created a video showing just some basic techniques for getting it out. These are techniques I use myself. Your homework is to try one or two. Would love it if you let us know how it goes here in the comments. Also feel free to share your relationship with anger. How do you feel about anger? What do you want to learn about anger and managing it?





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