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Sometimes you just have to do things over.

It usually means something didn’t quite feel right the first time.

When I launched my ebook/workbook earlier in the year, I really couldn’t give it the love and attention it so rightly deserved. I worked all year on creating the lessons, I poured my heart and soul into them. Each art and writing prompt was carefully selected, each video modeling the creative process and my own healing process as well.

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In my eagerness to share it with all of you, I launched it almost immediately after putting it together in ebook and workbook form.

I didn’t even take a breath. I didn’t take time to sit with it, to take some time to get the word out, and I gave myself no time to gather outside resources to go along with it  (something I really wanted to do).  I had always envisioned adding a bonus section of free gifts created by others in the healing and healing art field, showcasing a variety of approaches. But in my mind, there was no time.

As I examine the rush and really sit with the “why” of it, I realized a few things that may be helpful to all of us when we find that we have acted too fast and need a do over.


  • One is that this rush comes out of  anxiety and that is not the energy you want to attach to what you are offering, whether it be in your personal life or your business. The best thing to do is to take a moment, take a breath, sit with those feelings, get clear with yourself about what is the very next thing that needs to happen, and the next, and the next and so on. Go slow. Breathe. Get Clear. Take the next baby step.

  • Another realization is that there really is no rush, no fire that needs to be put out, no one is going anywhere, all the people who are interested in what you have to offer will be there when you do decide it is time as long as you are staying connected or have made a connection with them. I can trust the connections I’ve made and  I don’t have to be afraid that those connections will disappear because I didn’t act fast enough.  The people who really care about the work I am doing and truly want to use it on their path, are there and listening.  This may not be the case in life circumstances or even some business circumstances. Let’s face it, sometimes there is a rush and something cannot wait or there is a momentum wave to ride, but in general, it is best to take a moment, whether that moment is ten minutes, or ten days or even months. It’s important to take time to get in tune with our true self and get clear on what is in complete alignment with our ultimate intention and purpose with what we are offering.

  • The truth was my ultimate intention was to provide a quality resource from my years of healing work and from my heart and to bring it to the women who needed it, with the energy of love and a deep knowing of the power of what I was giving.  I wasn’t clear on the power of it the first time around because I never gave myself a chance to really sit with it and breathe in the strength and character of it. Now I have. Now I have sat and know my work from a deeper place, I see it with new eyes and give it to you with renewed confidence.

  • When you have a lot of things going on as I do, it is even more important to stop and check in with yourself. Ask questions like, is this the right time? Why now? What is your intention and purpose in this offering? Are you ready? Are you confident in what you are offering? Are you clear? What is the next right step in this? How do you feel about releasing this into the world?

  • Finally, I realized that when and if a do over is necessary, its okay to admit it, it’s okay to be honest about, to accept myself and give great compassion for my willingness to fall and get back up because in that vulnerable act, I am letting others know that its okay to start over, it’s okay to fall and get up and dust yourself off and say, “I need to do this again”.


So here  I am doing this again.

12 Lessons in Self Healing will go on sale tomorrow Wednesday March 6th. You can learn more about it here but I do want to say this ebook and workbook is very powerful if you use it, if you do each lesson and work through each prompt. It will shift your thinking and your life. It will help you become more self aware, re-examine your SELF and who you have you believed yourself to be, your healing path, and your past.

For those of you who love to create art journal pages and use art on your healing path, the video package is perfect for you and it is just a small amount more (put it this way, it comes out to about less than a dollar per video) Ridiculous I know, but my mission is to keep creating affordable healing packages for women healing from childhood wounding.

With each purchase, whether you buy the Ebook/Workbook Package or the Video Package, you still get the 16 bonus gifts created with love by some amazing women.

I hope you will choose to use this powerful resource as a stepping stone on your healing path and come back to the truth of you who you are.