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priority 016

One of the things I am working in this year of Change (my word for the year) is making my SELF a priority. For me that means that I make time for me, for my body, for my health, for things I love to do, for other interests beyond the healing work I do. It’s important to renew my energy and fill my cup so that I can come this work with more of me and just be more content and at ease in my life.

This past year, I took rarely any breaks and in fact illness was the only thing that kept me from my courses and the sanctuary. I never took a vacation, not even a couple of days, I never unplugged consciously and I never took time out for me. When I was working on a course, I rarely took time to get up and stretch and move, or even drink a glass of water. The simple and essential things to renewing my energy, to practicing self care were often neglected to get it done.

I realize this stems from always feeling behind because of my chronic pain and illnesses. I always feel like I have to be ahead in case I get ill, or in case pain gets big and puts me out for a month or so. Because of this I am always trying to hurry up and get it done and the truth is this just works against me, and you, if you tend to do this. (it also stems from other deeper issues, which I discover while working through the questions..you can see that on video 1)

We end up depleting ourselves and crashing and then it takes a lot to get back on track once you crash. For those of you who are spoonies, or suffer from an illness, you know what I mean, and even you don’t, you probably know what I mean.

I’ve been really good about setting boundaries with others, but not with my SELF. TRUTH.

This year I am already implementing changes and since I am also facilitating the most awesome group of women ever, I usually will share my process or pick a topic for our monthly themes that is resonating with me in some way.

This month its all about making our SELF a priority. Whether it is setting better boundaries with our time, our loved ones, with ourselves, making sure we are on our list, carving out time to renew our energy, finding time to be silly, have fun, learn something new, taking time to take a course/workshop or other type of healing work because its time, or going to therapy, or doing that thing you’ve been putting off because you are too busy doing something for everyone else.

Whatever it means for you, its important to make your beautiful SELF a priority.

So I am including a pdf with lots of great journaling questions, like: what do you think gets in the way of you making your Self a priority, what does it look like when you don’t, what would it look like if you did? These are great to really get you going and learning more about what’s going on underneath it all.

If you want you can watch me go through the questions on camera here:

Afterwards, once you’ve worked on your intentions and the small steps you can take, you can create something artistically that will serve as a reminder for you to make your SELF a priority. This can be done on anything, a tag you take with you, a bookmark you use, something you put up on the wall like I did (I used a manila folder) and made this!

priority 012

and here is how I made it:


Enjoy and be sure to make your SELF a priority in your own life. Much love.