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This is a repost from 2011. All of my reposts will say, “Worth Repeating..” I love revisting old posts and updating them or just leaving them as is. This is one that is still so true, so I left it as is. It’s a poem entitled, I am an artist.  I hope it inspires you to see the artist in you.

I am an artist…

by Stephanie Gagos

I may not always paint pretty pictures

sometimes the idea in my head gets

lost in translation on the page

I may not know how to draw the perfect face

or portray the perfect flower

I may have only started yesterday

but the act of painting has always lived within me

every time I decorated a room

every time I painted pretty pictures with words

or dressed my little girl in combinations of pink and cream and

dollops of blue

or made a homemade scrapbook for people I loved

with bright embellishments and shades of love

or put together homemade gifts for the holidays with just

the right ribbon that matched just the right bag, with just the right token of

inspiration to carry them through the year …

each time I painted, I painted my life with color

Today I paint with my fingers, or any mark maker

I can find

I gather combinations of hues all of around me

I surround myself with the beauty of mixed media makings,

engaging with the beautiful daily

I paint my world and let go of my imperfections

I let go of hierarchies and categories

that kill the spirit of my painterly soul

I choose to claim myself as artist

despite the world of critics

jumping to tell me otherwise

They don’t matter

I matter

My inner child artist matters

My desire to paint my world matters

I choose to live with a paintbrush in hand,

creating with texture

my inner world on the page

gritty, raw, bumpy layers of ME

I am an artist