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I figured I’d give you an update on what is coming up in the new year. I have plans for practicing more self care on my end, while still delivering healing content and being a support to the amazing women in my community.

The Healing Truth Sanctuary

The Healing Truth Sanctuary will have its first anniversary on Feb 15 2013! And we are going to be here for at least one more year . I am really excited about continuing the work we are doing in the sanctuary and continuing to provide support, and help women heal their mind, body and spirit through art and journaling. Membership to the sanctuary is free. Donations now go into a scholarship fund for women who cannot afford to take my courses. The more donations we get, the more spots I am able to give away. The option to directly sponsor another woman is always available as well.


Most of my courses will close Feb 15th and will relaunch LIVE throughout the year. What that means is, when you take a live course with me, you will have my support and attention throughout the course and the women in the course will be doing the work mostly at the same time. There will always be a short catch up period of about two weeks and then the course will close again till the next time it goes live.

One course will remain open as a self study (you can sign up and take at your own pace any time) and that is the Inner Child Healing Workshop, but I also plan on doing a live version of it as well. Returning students of a course will get a deep discount.


So if you’ve taken the Healing the Mother Wound course or TP2: Healing with Imagery and Ritual before and would like to take it again and work through the materials a second or third time, you will enter under the returning participant price (more on that later).  The Members Plus Program will be retired for next year and some of the lessons will be available as mini workshops and one large bundle for one price.

I will be creating one or two new courses next year. One of which will be a course specifically for sexual abuse survivors. The other is still in the works. I will also be offering a course at Jeanette House’s One Little House some time next year. A wonderful collection of instructors and members is forming there. Stay tuned.

Reclaiming the Body I is postponed for now as I work through my relationship with my body a bit more. Although I have a lot to teach about embodiment, and using the body in the emotional healing process, I think its important that I work through some issues I am having before bringing the course to all of you.

My transparency moment of the day 🙂 Gotta have one.

My mini workshops are available and can be taken at any time.

This year has been a learning experience for me as a single woman who is trying to make a living through her gifts. I chose to leave teaching 7 years ago and I chose to leave my full time salary to do this really important work, a decision I have never regretted. And yet it is still a challenge as you really don’t know how much you will make month to month and because I tend to want to help everyone, it’s hard for me to not just give it all away. Pricing and honoring the work I put in has definitely been a growing edge for me. I want to make it affordable and I want to live and support myself and meet my needs and sometimes those two don’t always coincide with each other. I appreciate all of you  who have purchased courses, mini workshops, been part of the Members Plus Program. You have helped me continue to do this work and helped me work at making a living doing it.

One of the things I am looking forward to now that so much of the content is done is having more time for my art, my writing, and being able to share it with all of you for free. I am planning on doing a healing series on youtube, more to come on that soon! And the courses will be there for you to go deeper any time you’d like.

Each course has truly been a labor of love. Each one has a special place in my heart. Each one kept me honest, on the healing path, and creating throughout the year in a way that was deeply personal to me. And each woman who has taken a course with me and shared their heart and wounding with me, it has truly been my honor to work with you and witness you.

I will continue to provide one on one coaching on a limited basis. When new spots open up I will let you know. Right now there is one spot available for individual coaching and you can find the pricing and information here. This kind of work really allows us to focus completely on you and what is going on in your emotional life. It is really a gift you give yourself and an investment and my fees are very affordable.

I thank you for continuing to be on this journey with me, for sharing the very personal wounds of your childhood with me. I am excited about another year together and what beautiful healing that can bring to us all.