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The Healing the Mother Wound workshop is now open for registration. Below is the information and you can register by clicking here. You can also click on the ecourses tab above. If this resonates with you and where you are in your life right now, join us.


Healing the Mother Wound


Starts November 12th


Early Bird Special Sign up before November 1st

and pay $55

Healing the Mother Wound is a 5 week mixed media healing art course for women healing from childhood wounding related to their mothers and/or primary caregiver. This course will help women explore this core wound from childhood and the feelings and effects it may still be causing today through mixed media art and journaling. There will be five art pages/paintings that will help you explore the wound further and begin the process of bringing your light to it in a transformative way.  You have the power to heal and to bring in the resources and people you need in order to heal. This course is about showing ways to self heal and work with your own wounding. Many of us feel lost and because this wound is so deep and old, it has a tendency to become unconscious and feel overwhelming when it does come up. This course will show you some safe ways to enter the wound, to sit alongside it and be curious and open to what it has to say and teach you.

Materials will be available for the five weeks of the course and for a four week catch up period. Because of the holidays, this course will have a couple of extra weeks for catching up in January. 


Week One: Knowing the Wound

Week Two: Grieving the Wound

Week Three: Owning Your Anger

Week Four: Making Choices/Setting Boundaries

Week Five: Exploring the Wisdom and Gifts within the Wound

What you will need:

High Speed Internet Service

A good browser like Firefox or Google Chrome

A laptop or computer

A free Vimeo account if you want to download the videos

Adobe Reader to read and download PDF’s

A camera and scanner so you can upload your artwork and share

writing journal

an art journal or loose watercolor paper 140 lb

Photos of yourself as a child

photos of your mother

markers, crayons, colored pencils, and paint

collage elements, embellishments

stamps, stencils

anything on hand! No need to go out and buy anything if you have basic supplies