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Figured I’d share what I’ve been creating lately. I have to say that when I look through all the pics of what I’ve been creating, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride over how much I am growing as an artist. I can see how my use of color is changing, how I am willing to see what happens and end up with such amazing happy accidents that turn out to be perfect, I can see my love of faces and each face has a story and I can really see how much art means to me and helps me in so many ways.

The following was a quick portrait I made which I was going to throw away, I even used her to test out my sprays because I really was going to throw it out, but she ended up being a pirate! I love how different she is from my usual.


The following are two portraits I turned into digital inspirational posters. Love doing that! Its so much fun.




And this spread is from this month in the sanctuary as we explore regrets. One of mine is not being able to be there for my daughter in the ways she needed me to. This page reflects the distance between us when she was growing up. I can feel the sadness in this even as I write this. That is the hard part of regret, learning how to let it go while you still have some really strong feelings of sadness. It is something I am working on.

This one is part of a collaborative project based on a visualization we used during a sanctuary chat.  We envisioned our regrets as balloons being released into the sky and now we are each creating a balloon and I’ll be putting it together in a digital piece.

Here is mine…

I want to thank you for your encouragement as I develop as an artist. Your comments and kind words on Facebook do not go unnoticed and give me the fuel to continue to develop my craft. I’ve always seen myself as a writer, but now I am beginning to see myself as an artist and as an overall creative. Thank you for being part of the journey here at Finding Your Voice of Truth.