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There are a few more pieces I didn’t get to add to the previous post.

This one is a piece called “Purple Night” on a 9 X 12 canvas. It is for sale. It is a bit different from my usual, even the colors are colors I don’t usually use, but I love trees and intend on doing a few more of these, perhaps making a series. I would like to do one called, “Orange Night”.



This one was made for the Inner Child Healing Workshop and it is one of my absolute faves. It is for the fourth week of the workshop where we explore Reparenting our inner child. I created this one outdoors on my deck. I “messed up on her face” at and covered it with gesso and decided to create her features with stamps. I totally love how it came out.


This one kind of came out of nowhere, as I was created a face, no measuring, and really didn’t like what was happening. I ended up pulling some of the paint from the hair down and walla! ended up with something dark and broody with a story behind it. I called it, Hidden Scars. Behind those sad eyes, I could see pain.  The little creatures around her are a new thing for me but so much fun.

I even had a former student of mine create a poem based on it! How fabulous is that!

This one I made on a music sheet I received in a RAK from Sabrina Diaz Evans.  It was inspired by Christy Sobolewski who can paint pretty much on anything!I’m loving the vibrancy in this piece. I used Golden paints and Daler Rowney System 3 paint…gotta love good paint.