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My next e-course is here!

It took me a little bit to really decide what I wanted to focus on in Truth Project II…I’ve been percolating for quite a while now.  In Truth Project I we focused on uncovering some of what happened to us as children, digging into the memories as well as the truth of who we are now.  I knew this next phase would focus on healing. Healing is so broad and there are so many angles through which we can approach our healing.  I have always been fascinated by rituals, creating my own throughout the years that helped me feel connected to spiritually as well as deepen my connection with myself (same thing isn’t it :).  I have also created rituals that have helped me release pain from the past as well as reclaim parts of me that were buried or lost and so it felt very natural to include it in the course.


Imagery has also been essential to my healing even when I have not even been aware of how I was using it.  We think in images, we imagine in images, we long for in images, we remember in images and what if we could use this power we already have to heal our bodies, to heal some of the pain from the past by using imagery that empowers us?

What if we could find our very own healing images, the ones that speak to us, to soothe us when we are afraid, to shift our focus from the story to who we are beyond the story, to even retell the story and bring in images that can help us transform the story. Isn’t that what we are looking to do? To not be chained by our pasts, to not continue to repeat the same patterns, to not turn into own abusers or remain victims and yet somehow honor the story of where we’ve been.

When I think of my story, I imagine my little girl self in a cave or big hole in the ground trying to make her way out, grasping, reaching toward the light. It is often how I have felt in my adult life, it is a truth I have carried.  By using images that mean something to me I have found ways to step out of that cave, I have found resources inside of me that change how I see myself. 

What is so powerful about imagery and visualization is that your brain does not know the difference between you imagining it, vs. you actually experiencing it. Your body can have the same effects as if you were actually being lifted out of your own cave by a winged bird (this is one of many of my healing images). You can actually feel as if you are flying, you can actually feel yourself rooted to the ground just by using the image of a tree and its roots. I’m going to show you how to do this lovely one and we are going journal our little hearts out, make lists, print images and keep them to use in our art or just to paste in our journals and we are going to paint, get messy, and paint pages born out of love and a commitment to heal.

I’m also going to create some images for you to use in your art too! Yay!


The course includes: weekly art and coaching videos, pdfs with resources, image sheets, worksheets, and meditations to help you access your healing images and inner sanctuary.


During the course we will:

Use story telling and imagery to revisit our childhood stories

Become aware of the imagery in our stories and on our healing journey

Discover our very own unique healing images and learn how to use them

Develop an inner sanctuary with important imagery to come to whenever we need to feel safe and gain clarity

Learn how to use our imagery and our inner sanctuary when we are triggered, overwhelmed, scared, sad, angry

Create our personal healing rituals (we will be exploring rituals throughout and have one week entirely devoted to ritual creating…specifically rituals related to releasing and reclaiming.

Create a healing painting that embodies our healing images


Join us, registration is now open. The course begins May 8th. You get all of the above and support from me throughout the process, for $65.  All details can be found on the Truth Project II page here