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Every year, at the end of the year, my habit used to be to look at what I hadn’t done and what I still needed to do next year. The end of the year was never met with satisfaction or fulfillment. Luna Raven at http://lasirenenoir.blogspot.com reminded me about celebrating my year and all of my accomplishments with her “I Did It” List for 2011 (she was inspired by Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl. I invite you to do the same on your blog or in your journal. If you blog your “I Did It” list, I would love to see it so be sure to come back here and leave me a comment and a link, so I can celebrate your year with you too!

Before I begin..I have to admit this was a year full of a lot physical pain for me…first with about 8 months of heel spurs which really cramped my style every single morning. I cannot tell you how painful those first few steps were every morning and how it really took a toll on my spirit to be in that much pain with every step I took.

And then there was the head pain which seemed to follow the tail end of the foot pain. So for a total of 10 months out of this year, pain was a big part of my life. But I am happy to report that I am not entering 2012 in pain and have healed, transformed, moved, and numbed (nerve block) any pain I felt this year. I am feeling better than ever. When you are in pain it is like it will never end and it will always be this way and I talk of this both physically and emotionally but in my experience, it does get better. I have highs and lows in both areas, some days my back kills, but I am just so grateful for right now and the relief I have.  So this is what I did in spite of my pain:

I blogged pretty consistently in 2011, it was I think my best year in blogging even if I took time off at times.

I launched my first paid e-course called The Truth Project. I can’t tell you how blessed I’ve been with doing this healing work with an amazing group of women committed to their own healing.

I made some awesome friends in the art journaling world. You know who you are.

I put my art out there over and over and for the most part I have been accepted, loved, encouraged, uplifted by so many people in the art journaling community.

I started using art journaling as a tool for healing and expressing my own truth.

I got better at drawing my girls.

I started being more open and truthful about how I felt with my family even if it was not popular.

I stood up for myself more than once and spoke my truth even when it was not received.

I joined a year long Core Energetics group.

I went to a retreat just for survivors at one of my favorite places on earth, Shalom Mountain

I put out a video on my childhood story and named names.

I did a 30 days of truth challenge on my blog and really shared some vulnerable bits of me.

I learned to ask for help. A big one for me. I reach out a lot more now than I used to. I isolate less.

I made some really good, solid female friendships. Female friendships was not even something I sought out or even wanted, but mainly I was afraid of them because of my relationship with my mother, the first female in my life. I can say now I truly embrace them and don’t know what I did before them.

I started to trust men more this year and have developed friendships with men I consider safe and trustworthy.

I stepped up my healing with more body work…physical therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, energetic body work. Some male, some female. Any touch therapy by a male is huge for me and very healing for me as sexual abuse survivor.

I focused on the online part of my business more this year and have been very blessed by the people that read my blog, connect with me through email, Facebook, my newsletter.

I joined the Goddess Circle, fan-freaking-tastic!

I wrote a few poems this year. I created a ten day poem challenge for myself, just cause.

I realized that somewhere along the road, I gave away some things, like my happiness, my sexual energy, my sense of humor, and my sassiness after the loss of someone dear to me. I am in the process of taking it back.

I found out I have Diabetes Insipidus and I am dealing with it.

I did a ten day blog, much to my horror. lol. I have since become much more comfortable on camera.

I brought one of my dogs to live with me, despite my fears about not being able to take care of her. I love that she is here.

I declared myself as an artist. Check out my I am an Artist post

I launched a free Facebook group for writers, cause I needed support an I knew a lot of other writers did too. Let me know if you want to join and I will add you. It is a private group on Facebook.

I got very clear about what is next for me in my business and I am excited about it. I’ve also had to let go of some things even if they looked like good opportunities at the time. I am learning to only do what rings my bells, what inspires a big YES from deep within me.

Can’t wait to see your list…