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I just have to share this excerpt from a yet unpublished work by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the author of Women who run with the Wolves (with her permission). It speaks so strongly to me right now and I hope it speaks to you as well.

Dear Brave Souls:

I want very much for those who have eyes to see, ears to
hear, to buy into what I am saying: Come with me: Doing the writing, painting, cutting, sewing, glazing, firing, welding, sorting, supporting, helping, creating, blasting, applying, raising, holding, gaining, losing, forming, testing is 99.99% of the work needed for your WORK to come into FULL being.

“Think about how you spend your time. Think about what % of your time you truly spend in the work WORKING. Truly working. Not getting lost in internetneverneverland, not sitting around entertaining yourself with other ‘cool’ ideas, but laser focus on your work before you now, the ‘one true thing’ you are working on now.

“Didnt you say you were called? Didnt you say you knew the difference between careerism and calling? I thought so.

“If you seek original voice, original sight, if you can leave the collective… Come with me. Come with us. We are a long long line of generations who have plowed through; we elders are the caribou who with our big shoulders and haunches have cleared a path through the snowy forest for you. Who else?

“We dont know when or if that pathway plowed open will close over again. I am telling you, come down this pathway while it is open. Do us all proud. One of the many squinty-eyed wise matters elders warm to… is seeing those younger, and older, and the same age… run the creative road, the camino real, far more easily than it cost us so dearly to blaze it.

“Dont think because the trail is open there will not be weather. There is always weather. There are ravines. There are predators.

“If you aspire to bring original sight, voice, thought… if you strive to be free of the often cruelly inhibitory overculture that bids all to sound alike, study alike, evaluate alike… you are free.

“Come with us. We know the way through. The ticket to run this road, is only this: the glimmering that you are free of the cultural musts/oughts/shoulds; consistent non-lazy, non-prevaricating- no excuses WORK in truest voice you can manage, straight from, not your heart and soul… that part is easy… but your voice, your vision, coming straight from the promises you gave before you were ever born, before you ever touched down on planet earth.”

with love,

excerpt from endnote “Awakening from the Barbituate of the OverCulture” in unpub’d manuscript: “La Pasionaria, The Bright Angel,” by C.P. Estés, all rights reserved ©1970. 1986, 2011  http://www.clarissapinkolaestes.com/