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There is a scream inside, one that is waiting to be expelled, waiting to have its day.  Life can hit us hard at times.  Emotions get stirred up, rumbling inside us without having the opportunity to discharge.

Pent up rage, fear, grief, swirling endlessly as we make our way through the world with smiles on our faces.

Let go of the scream. Go in your car and scream, lock yourself in a room, do it when no one is home, scream into a pillow several times, go into nature. Find a way to give your scream the privacy it needs to come into being.

Let the sound of your own pain have a voice. Honor the scream inside. You do not have to be silent anymore.


Note: If you are a survivor of trauma, I suggest you do this with the guidance of your therapist or at least have your therapist available if needed. 

Often our younger parts get scared when we scream. We may have a lot invested in not making too much noise, not letting the anger come up.  It may be scary at first. Go slow and have support in case you need it. Some of us may be capable of handling any emotions that come up and may prefer to process it on our own.  Even if we do, I still highly recommend that you have the support of a therapist.  In my opinion when it comes to trauma, it is essential (the right therapist of course).