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Wouldn’t it be lovely, if we could take a pill, and magically heal all of our wounds and “be whole again”. We are all smart enough to know that this pill doesn’t exist and yet we are always looking for that one thing, that one workshop, that one therapist or coach, that one course that will do the trick.  

We are impatient and sometimes the process just seems long, arduous and even endless.  Some of us try a large variety of things, like throwing up a handful of spaghetti and seeing what will stick and when the magic doesn’t happen, we  throw our hands up and say, “that didn’t work”. Some of us blame the course, the therapist, the workshop…some of us blame ourselves, label ourselves as defective, and beyond repair.

I know this because I have been guilty of this time and again over the years until I got it. What did I get?

Well for one there is no magic bullet or miracle pill or any variation of such.

Healing, discovering and living your truth is a process, a journey and not a destination. 

I have resigned myself to the fact that my healing work will probably continue for the rest of my life but it does not have to take over my entire life.  It does not have to be everything and it is by no means a bad thing that it is an integral part of my life and the work I do in the world.

In a sense, I can’t help but find healing through the relationships in my life. They are always here to let me know what still needs healing and attention from me. Triggers are a prime example of something that needs healing and often it is not something that can be healed in one session with a therapist, because of the nature of a wound and its many layers.

Healing occurs in small shifts over time. In time we become less triggered hopefully as we learn how to love and take good care of ourselves and loosen the grip of what happened to us.

 The more love, compassion, presence, and understanding we give to a wound, the more it heals.

We begin to let love in more. We find ourselves finding more pockets of peace and acceptance. We learn how to cope in healthier ways when the “shit” comes up. We move forward and begin to see ourselves less as damaged and broken and more as human beings full of understandable emotions, capable and strong.

The more we heal, the more self love and self compassion we have, the more space opens up inside us.  More space means more room for what fills us in soulful deep heart centered ways. 

Healing is a path to greater love, satisfaction, joy, abundance and opens you up to all that is possible for your life.

There is no magic bullet and for that, I am grateful.